April 1: The Light Is On

Day 28

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Most people who are sick go to the doctor. Not all of them, right? Fascinating, isn’t it? Some people can be really, really sick but they won't go to the doctor. You know, and I don't mean sick with a cold, "Hey, it’ll pass." You know, and, some people will be really, really sick and they know they're really sick, and they know it's getting worse, but for whatever reason they won't go to the doctor.

And I think spiritually we often fall into that category. It’s like we know we're sick, we know we need healing. We know we're sinners, we know we need forgiveness, but we won't go to confession. Why? It’s staggering, it's fascinating to me.

I love confession. I, I think that it's, again I think it's genius Not only spiritually, but also psychologically because sin is sort of a sad thing. It just makes us sad. Sin is, it’s a heavy thing. And we do, we do carry it around with us. And . . . I love being able to go to confession and just drop all that stuff off, feel light, feel free, feel . . . like you have a fresh start.

I love fresh starts. I love a new year, I love a new month. I love fresh starts because you know what I realized, man I need a fresh start a lot. I need a clean slate, I need a fresh start. I get myself into all sorts of trouble, just need a new start, need a fresh start. And there's something really powerful, there's something really practical, something really beautiful about just coming to confession and saying, "Hey God this is who I am, this is what I did, this is what I thought, this is what I didn't do that I should've done, let's try again. And give me more grace and give me more strength, and give me more courage," and then I'm back out, we go.

It's a beautiful thing I think, to see the light on in the confessional, The light's on, God's waiting for you, and it may have been a long, long time but I know you'll kick yourself for not having gone a long, long time ago. And if it's something that's regular for you, this is a great time to make a great confession, to make an extraordinary confession, to take a deeper look at it your life, to go maybe a little deeper than you have in the past, and say, "OK I'm gonna come before God, I put myself before God and ask him to give me a fresh start." I think that's, that's a thing of beauty, that is a, that is a beautiful thing.

“Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with others, and never stop striving to be all that God created you to be: the-very-best-version-of-yourself.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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We all have a great need for forgiveness and healing.


No matter how long it has been, go to Reconciliation this week.


Jesus, help me break through resistance and go to confession. Help me to be gentle yet honest, and help me to accept the healing you want to give me.
Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Melissa Zuk. Melissa is our social media coordinator. She comes to us from Chillicothe, Ohio. Melissa is a former rugby player, enjoys knitting and sewing, and recently had her first baby!

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