BLESSED: My Little Mass Journal (Paperback)

BLESSED: My Little Mass Journal (Paperback)

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About BLESSED: My Little Mass Journal (Paperback)

BLESSED: My Little Mass Journal is the perfect tool to engage children at Sunday Mass and teach them how to listen to God’s voice. Every Sunday, it invites children to ask, “God, show me one way in this Mass that I can become a-better-version-of-myself this week.” And it encourages them to pay attention to the music, the readings, the homily—the entire experience unfolding before them. With captivating illustrations and plenty of space to write that one simple way they sense God is challenging them to grow, this little journal will inspire children to become lifelong Catholics.

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A Great Gift

By Susan on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

I gave my students the journal as a gift for their First Holy Communion. They were so excited to get the book like Ben had in the videos! I pray it will start them on their journey to listening closely in Mass and reflecting on what God is saying to them. Hopefully it will start a lifelong habit of writing and remembering as they participate in our greatest prayer, the Mass.


By Maria on Thursday, May 16, 2019

What a wonderful journal for children! Not only does it encourage a child to pay attention and listen for God's message during Mass each Sunday, but it also fosters family conversations about the Catholic faith. I especially like the 52 different statements of "Be _____. Be Catholic." that are included. Each week a term such as Kind, Helpful, or Respectful defines what it means to be Catholic, giving much for a child and the family to think and talk about. I gave my first copy to the person responsible for religious education at my church, and am back to buy more, so that I may share this great resource.

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