Take Your Children on a Musical Adventure

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Blessed 2:39
Anywhere With You 3:54
He's Got a Plan for You 2:33
Let the Weight Fall Away 5:54
An Act of Contrition 4:00
Turning Around 2:42
It's A Beautiful Day 1:42
Zaccheus 2:43
Faith, Hope, and Love 2:14
Gratitude 2:17
This Little Light of Mine 2:59

Order the BLESSED album today. With memorable lyrics and remarkably catchy melodies, these uplifting songs will have your children singing along—and you, too!

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About the Artist

Eliot Morris

Eliot Morris is a gifted singer-songwriter who shares his talents for a greater purpose. He has met and toured with artists such as John Mayer, Counting Crows, and James Taylor, and he currently plays his soulful music nationwide at Dynamic Catholic’s Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose Events.