The Dynamic Catholic Book Program

In 2008 we had a crazy idea: pass out books at Christmas Mass as a way to re-engage disengaged Catholics. Since then, The Dynamic Catholic Book Program has been changing lives and re-energizing parishes across the nation with this simple, powerful idea: books change our lives.

Do Something Incredible

Sometimes all it takes to bring people back to church is the right book at the right time. That’s why we make phenomenal Catholic books available for as little as $1 per copy. Do something incredible this Christmas. Give everyone in your parish a copy of a great Catholic book.

How Does It Work?

Buy Books

Order a bunch of books for just $2 or $3 per copy.

Distribute Books

At Christmas Masses, friendly volunteers pass out the books as people come to church.

Read Books

Use bulletin and pulpit announcements to encourage people to read the book, share it with family and friends, or form small groups to discuss the book together.

Change Lives

In the weeks and months after Easter and Christmas, you hear people talking about how the book is changing their lives.

Become what you read

Four years ago I received a copy of Rediscover Catholicism at Mass. The book helped me to be more of an involved Catholic—a dynamic Catholic—and I am happier for that. I feel like my life has more meaning and purpose now than ever.

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How Much Does It Cost?

We believe in keeping things simple and affordable. Order 500 copies or more of one title and pay just $2 per copy (free shipping)! Order 6–499 copies of one title and pay just $3 per copy (free shipping).

Select Titles
500+ Books

$2 per copy (FREE shipping)
6–499 Books $3 per copy (FREE Shipping)

Place your Book Program order online, or call our Mission team at (859) 980–7900.

Interested in the Book Program?

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