About the Book Program

About the Book Program

Why Give Out Books?

Through research, we discovered that books are one of the main triggers for re-engaging people or cultivating a conversion experience. The truth is, books change our lives. And giving someone the right book at the right time can be life-changing. That's why we purposefully offer books specifically written to re-engage those who have drifted away from the Church—and help all your parishioners grow in their faith.

Almost one-third of the people in the pews at your church on Christmas and Easter will be there for their first and only time this year. What draws them back at these times? Deep down, they know their faith is important to them, and they’re hungry for something more than what the world has to offer.

Christmas and Easter are your best opportunities to re-engage them in their faith—and to inspire them to give Catholicism another chance.

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Why Dynamic Catholic Books?

We know there are a lot of resources out there for your parishioners. At Dynamic Catholic, we specifically create resources that meet people where they are and lead them to where God is calling them to be. That’s why all of our books are . . .

They make it easy to understand even complex aspects of the faith.

They provide clear steps to help your parishioners grow in holiness.

They demonstrate how Catholicism is relevant to everyday life.

They inspire your parishioners to take the next steps in their spiritual journeys.

How Much Does It Cost?

We believe in keeping things simple and affordable. For limited times throughout the year, we offer featured books for as little as $1 (plus 50 cents shipping) per copy when you order 250 copies or more. All year long, select titles are available for $2 per copy (free shipping) when you order 500 copies or more, and $3 per copy (free shipping) when you order 6–499 copies.

We believe in keeping things simple and affordable. All year long, select titles are available for $2 per copy when you order 500 books or more (free shipping). Orders of 6–499 books are $3 per copy (free shipping).

Interesting Facts

Nationwide Reach

Each year, more than 5,000 parishes across the country participate. And 99.7 percent of those parishes say they would do it again!

Impacting Millions

More than twenty million books have been distributed. In 2016 alone, more than two million people received a copy of Resisting Happiness at Christmas Mass.

Want to learn more? Check out the FAQs

The books meet the needs of parishioners. They are understandable . . . they meet people where they are and inspire them.

Book Program FAQs


  • Q: What is the Dynamic Catholic Book Program?

  • Q: Can passing out books really have that much of an impact?

    Yes. Research conducted by Dynamic Catholic showed that books were one of the main triggers that led to a conversion experience or higher levels of engagement. The right book at the right time can be life-changing. (See the Epilogue of The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic for more information.)

  • Q: How will this program benefit my parish?

    Your parish will benefit in many ways, some measurable and others immeasurable. Here are some examples:

    1. Generosity: Parishes that have conducted the program three years consecutively have seen a 9.1% increase in Mass attendance and a 10.4% increase in Sunday collections.
    2. Adult Faith Formation: If you hold adult education events, many people will be too busy to come. Those that come will grow spiritually, but those that don’t, won’t. The Book Program is a mobile adult faith formation experience. People can participate anywhere on their own time.
    3. Evangelization: The last three popes have made the New Evangelization the primary initiative for the Church. The Book Program is a simple and practical way to evangelize the people of your parish.
    Overall, as your parishioners learn more about the faith, they will become more engaged and involved, which will lead to a more vibrant parish. This, in turn, attracts more people to give the Catholic faith another look.

  • Q: Why should a parish participate in this program?

    We all know Christmas and Easter Masses mean record attendance and a packed house. And almost one-third of the people in the pews at your parish on those days only come to church once a year. It’s your best opportunity to re-engage them!

    Imagine if a business knew their previous customers were coming together on the same day in the same place. What would they do? Businesses would stop at nothing and overcome every obstacle to find ways to re-energize those customers. For your parish it’s as simple as handing each person a great Catholic book.

    Every year more than 5,000 parishes participate in the Dynamic Catholic Book Program—because it works. People all over the country are coming back to church. Parishes are seeing an increase in Mass attendance, and parishioners are becoming more involved in their faith communities. When you bring the Book Program to your parish, you’ll be amazed at the results.


  • Q: How much do the books cost?

  • Q: Is it worth the investment?

    If just one person comes back to church because you give them a book as they arrive for Mass, and that person is 40 years old, lives to be 80, and puts just $10 in the collection each Sunday, that returning Catholic will contribute $520 over the next year and $20,800 over the rest of his or her lifetime. That’s $20,800 in return for giving just one book. And the spiritual benefits are priceless.

  • Q: Are there any costs in addition to the discounted prices?

    No, there are no additional costs. Our discounted prices include shipping unless otherwise stated. Dynamic Catholic also makes supplemental resources available at no cost. These include study guides, pulpit announcements, bulletin ads, a letter for your pastor, and a fundraising form.

  • Q: How do parishes usually fund the program?

    If your parish has a budget for Evangelization or Adult Faith Formation, this is a perfect way to use those funds. If not, here are some examples of how we have seen other parishes fund the program:

    An Individual Donor: At some parishes, an individual donor gives generously to fund the Book Program.
    A Group of Donors: If a parish needs 2,000 books at $2 per copy ($4,000), find four parishioners who would contribute $1,000 each, or eight parishioners who will contribute $500 each. Give people a chance to do something great for their parish and many will sacrifice to make it happen.
    Parish Groups: Often, parish groups like the Knights of Columbus, mothers’ groups, and men’s or women’s groups fundraise to support the Book Program.


  • Q: This is my first time doing the Book Program. Do you suggest starting with a particular book?

  • Q: Which titles do you recommend for a parish that is participating in the Book Program several years in a row?

  • Q: Should we offer more than one book at a time?


  • Q: How do I order?

  • Q: How many books should I order for my parish?

  • Q: What quantities can I order?

  • Q: Can I get a free copy of the book my parish is considering?

  • Q: Are the books available in languages other than English?

  • Q: What if my parish prefers CDs to books?

  • Q: Can I order different titles and still receive the discounted pricing?

  • Q: Can I order hardcover books for my parish?

  • Q: When will my books arrive?

  • Q: How do I pay for the order?

  • Q: Do you accept returns or issue refunds?

  • Q: Are e-books available through the Dynamic Catholic Book Program?


  • Q: What is the best way to distribute the books?

  • Q: When is the best time to distribute books?


  • Q: What if I need more books than I ordered?

  • Q: What follow-up do you recommend after we distribute the books?

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