Every Parish Needs Something

Three Days

Based on the story about 12-year-old Jesus getting lost in the temple, this exciting, biblical novel will intrigue your imagination and deepen your faith.

Check out these helpful homily prompts.

Rediscover Jesus

Give your parishioners an encounter with Jesus—and themselves—like never before. Open eyes, open hearts, and blow some minds!

Check out these helpful homily prompts.

Resisting Happiness

Your parish is awesome, but it can always be awesomer. When folks resist happiness (we all do it), they resist the-best-version-of-themselves.

The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity

Modern Culture is a big, fat, liar. But there is one lie in particular that has paralyzed Christianity. It’s time for some real talk. It’s time your parish rejects the lie.

Perfectly Yourself

Grow spiritually, discover your God-given talents, and strengthen your faith so you can pursure God’s dream for your life.

Rediscover Catholicism

Discover why Catholicism is not a lifeless set of rules and regulations, but a way of life designed by God to you reach your full potential.

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

Take the next step toward a greater sense of purpose, and discover the four habits that will animate every area of your life.

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