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One Page at a Time. One Person at a Time. One Parish at a Time.

How Does It Work?

Buy ‘em

Order Rediscover the Saints for your parishioners.

other titles also available

Hand ‘em Out

On Christmas, have volunteers pass out books as people enter or leave the church.

Be Awesome

The best thing you can do now is encourage and remind folks to read the book!

Ordering Your Books

We recommend that you order enough books for 75 percent of registered families. That means that if you have 2,000 registered families, we suggest that you order 1,500 books. You can order your books online or call our Mission Team at (859) 980–7900.

Distributing Your Books

Giving someone the right book at the right time can be life-changing—and personally giving them that book will make an even greater impact. Whether it’s as people arrive for Mass or as they leave, have friendly volunteers stand at the doors to personally hand out the books.

Engaging Your Parishioners

There are many ways to encourage your parishioners to read the book. We provide free bulletin ads for the weeks leading up to Christmas, as well as pulpit announcements. Many parishes even organize small groups to discuss the book using our free study guides.

Affording Your Books

While we make the Book Program as affordable as possible, we know it can still be difficult for some parishes to afford that many books.

If you’re looking for ways to pay for your books, you can print out and use this fundraising form with your parishioners or talk to your pastor about raising funds using a popular “crowd-funding” website like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. You can also combine efforts with neighboring parishes, which is especially helpful if you don’t need as many as 250 books.

Have Questions?

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