Thank You for Your Interest!

Bringing the Book Program to your parish is easy and affordable! Check out these five simple steps and helpful resources to learn more.

1 Discover the Perfect Book

The Book Program was founded on the idea that giving someone the right book at the right time can be life-changing. What makes the right book? It’s simple, practical, powerful, and transformative—just like The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity. Get a free copy to see for yourself—just call our Mission team at (859) 980-7900.

2 Talk with Your Pastor

Work together with your pastor to bring the Book Program to your parish! Download our letter template to start the conversation.

3 Order a Bunch of Books

Order 240 copies or more of The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity for just $1 per book—and, if you place your order before August 31, shipping is completely free. (After that date, shipping is 50 cents per book.)

Other select titles are available for $2 per copy (includes shipping) when you order 500 copies or more.

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Set a fundraising goal. Download our fundraising form!

4 Hand Out the Books at Christmas Mass

Gather friendly volunteers to personally hand out the books to people as they arrive for Mass on Christmas. We’ve discovered that people give more generously during the collection if they receive a gift on the way into church.

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5 Encourage People to Read the Books

Use this bulletin ad to let your parishioners know they will be receiving a special gift when they come to church on Christmas. Then keep the momentum going in the weeks after Christmas by encouraging your parishioners to read the book—this pulpit announcement will help!