Success Stories

Learn why more than 5,000 parishes participate in the Dynamic Catholic Book Program each year.

“The Book Program set my parish on fire!”
Fr. Sterling, St. Barbara Parish, KY

“I would encourage parishes to explore the Book Program. I am pleased to have parishioners come back and ask for another book for a spouse, for a family member outside the parish, or for a neighbor or coworker. The books were something they were comfortable sharing outside the direct reach of the parish. The book Rediscover Jesus had a profound effect on our parishioners and on those they gave the book to.”

“The Book Program is a wonderful way to give a gift of faith. I was touched by a book I received and wanted to pay it forward to a large group through the Book Program in hopes of touching others in the same way.”

“We had a young man who had come to us for community service, and he had chosen bravely to face his struggle and sign up for a rehab program. I met his family at Mass the week after our parish handed out the books for the Book Program. They were delighted and stated that this had become their new weekly dinnertime routine. They would read a chapter of the book together, but they missed their son. So I sent the son a copy in rehab and it made all the difference to the individual and the family that they now had something new and positive in common rather than fear and disappointment.”

Become what you read

The Book Program helps our parishioners to engage more with the Catholic faith in their daily lives. People stop me to let me know how much they enjoy reading the books and how the books have helped them understand their faith better.

“Our pastor gave all parishioners a copy of The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic to read during Lent. I read most of the book as I flew to Omaha to visit my daughter. On my flight home, I had the book on my lap to finish. A gentleman next to me started up a conversation with me. After a while he said, ‘I noticed your book. So what is a dynamic Catholic?’ I told him about the book and all four signs of a dynamic Catholic. He shared that he was Catholic, but had not practiced his faith for many years. We had a long conversation and I told him how proud and happy I am to be Catholic and that I was sorry that that was not his experience. I promised to pray for his pastor and parish that they welcome him and, with Jesus, call him back to the Church. He told me he was touched by our conversation, gave me his card, and thanked me. I was profoundly moved. It all happened because of my pastor and Dynamic Catholic’s efforts to get this incredible book into the hands of many.”

“The parishioners look forward to the books. Many start reading them as soon as they receive them. It is great to see so many people ‘tuned on’ to spiritual reading.”

Become what you read

You become what you read! So blessed to have an affordable, realistic, and exciting way to share the genius of the Catholic faith with our parishioners.

“I overheard a woman speaking about the gratitude she has for belonging to a parish who cares so much about her that they would supply her with a book. She felt a sense of pride and appreciation for being so cared about.”

“We passed out over 3,000 books at Easter. We now have a book study program once a week at the parish center with speakers once a month. The entire experience is beyond words . . . ”

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