Children’s Prayer Process Cards (20 Cards)

Children’s Prayer Process Cards (20 Cards)

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About Children’s Prayer Process Cards (20 Cards)

There’s no better way to help your children become lifelong Catholics than to help them develop a habit of daily prayer. The Prayer Process is a simple and powerful way to do just that. This 4.3” x 7.25” prayer card is designed to:

  • Teach children the seven practical steps of the The Prayer Process
  • Increase their awareness of who they are and what is happening in and around them
  • Inspire them to have regular and meaningful conversations with God

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Little prayer process

By Teri Greenleaf on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I think these are wonderful!!!!! They help make the prayer process much easier to understand and simplify the process yet they have not lost any meaning. Thank you for all you do and bless you all.

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