Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor (Paperback)

Old House treasures in all kinds of places

“This house will take care of you.” Those words rang in Steven’s ears.

When he was just a little boy, Steven’s father, Henry, walked him through the family home one day and said, “This house will take care of you. Everything you need is in this house.”

Now, years later, Henry had died. Steven was now helping his mother pack up the family’s belongings in order to sell the house and move to Florida to be near her grown children. As they walked through the house one last time, taking one final glance at the home built by Henry’s own hands, memories flooded Steven’s mind. And then came the words again, “This house will take care of you.”

It was as if his father were standing right there to remind him. “Everything you need is in this house.”

Henry had been a WWII hero, a Flying Tiger. Henry had radiated Yankee know-how, independence, frugality, and self-sufficiency. He had loved time in the woods. He had raised his children well, and he had raised them in that house. But now he was gone. Fifty years of memories had accumulated in that old house.

As Steven took that one last walk-through, he reminisced on years gone by, including his entire childhood and adolescence. He also looked for any possessions that might have been missed in the packing. In his parents’ bedroom, Steven noticed an odd screw in the ceiling, an object that had never before captured his attention. Steven knew his dad’s meticulous nature and assumed that the screw surely had some purpose, so he stepped up on a stool to look more carefully at the ceiling. When he removed the screw, a hidden panel emerged from the ceiling. Behind the panel rested two Folger’s Coffee cans, each of which was filled with cash.

“This house will take care of you.”

Steven’s mind raced. If his father had hidden cash in one place, there might be other cans hidden as well. Steven soon discovered screws, hidden panels, and coffee cans all around that old house. Hidden treasures all around him, and he had never realized it.

By the end of the spontaneous scavenger hunt, Steven had found more than $5000, hidden years before in the old house by a Depression-era man who knew you cannot always trust forces outside your own house. In addition, Steven also found old report cards, children’s notes and drawings, and other family memories his father had stashed away in those coffee cans. Instead of using safe deposit boxes, Henry had carefully hidden his treasure in the ceilings and walls of his own home. “Everything you need is in this house.” As you will soon learn, Steven played a crucial role in introducing me to Catholicism. Whether he intended to do so, I do not know. But it seems most fitting that his own father’s story provides the metaphor for my simultaneously joyful and painful journey into the Church.

You see, for the first thirty years of my life, the Catholic Church was just an old house to me. An old house that often looked like it needed some sprucing up. To be sure, the Catholic Church and her history have not been without blemishes, and like any old house, the Church has a few creaky windows, a few cracks in the walls, and an occasional leak. Sadly, as an American and as a Protestant, I knew more about the blemishes than about the house itself.

Having grown up as a Methodist, having descended from at least five generations of Methodist pastors in the South, the Catholic Church existed in my world simply as an old house. The Catholic Church was old and historic, but it was never something that attracted my attention in any real way. Catholic churches were often physically beautiful, but I never really noticed anything else about the old house at all.

During my nearly twenty years as a Methodist pastor, I neither liked nor disliked the old house of the Catholic Church. In each town where my family lived stood a Catholic church, which in my mind was just another church, one of the many varieties in the world. I really had no reason ever to notice its existence. I was not Catholic, nor was I particularly interested in those who were. It was just an old house, with some old rituals, old buildings, and old ideas. I paid it no attention.

Without my expecting and certainly without my invitation, God began to reveal to me irresistible treasures hidden in the walls of the old house known as the Catholic Church. In fact, as I moved through the old house, I discovered new treasures in all kinds of places. For example, in the dining room, I found the treasure of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. It had always been there, but it lay hidden in the wall. In the basement, I discovered a foot locker full of saints. In the bedroom, my wife shared the Church’s mystery with me. Exploring the old house proved to be a thrilling and life-giving wonder in my life. In fact, the exploration proved life-changing. “This house will take care of you. Everything you need is in this house.”

All in all, God showed me the treasures found only in the Catholic Church. He used them to paint a mosaic of truths and experiences in my spirit. As a result, after having served as an effective Methodist pastor for almost two decades, including the final eight years of my ministry at one of the largest Methodist congregations in the world, I left it all behind to enter the Catholic Church in January 2008.

These treasures taught me that this old house is, in fact, my home. In these six treasures, I found life. A new home in an old house. A journey to the center of the heart of Jesus Christ and His intentions.

Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor (Paperback)

by Allen Hunt

Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor (Paperback)

by Allen Hunt

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About Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor (Paperback)

In Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor, Allen Hunt unveils the treasures of Catholicism that many life-long Catholics are simply unaware of. At the same time he demonstrates the genius of Catholicism and encourages us to move beyond taking our faith for granted.

With a personal touch that is profound and disarming, Hunt takes his readers on a journey that is sure to change the way we experience our faith. At a time when so many are disillusioned about where the Catholic Church is and where it is going, Allen Hunt brilliantly reminds us that personal holiness is the key to the bigger future God wants to lead us to both as individuals and together as a Church.

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Alternative Headline How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church


Product Type Media Books

Author Allen Hunt

ISBN 978-0984131839

Publisher Beacon Publishing

Number of Pages 170

Book Format Paperback

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
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By Jan on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

I love reading conversion stories as they always seem to draw me who is a cradle catholic deeper into my faith. They are able to remind us of all the richness and beauty that our faith brings. This book didn’t disappoint and did exactly that. Engaging quick read I would recommend to anyone for a quiet weekend.

Wonderful Reading for those who left Catholicism

By Anthony Rasavage on Saturday, June 29, 2019

Great reading by a person who been on both side of the Christian isms. Easy and clear reading that answers many questions we have about the differences in Christianity as seen by all sides of the belief. Explanation of questions I have about the differences in the various groups that were formed in disagreement from the one true religion.

Loved this book!

By Mary on Sunday, June 9, 2019

Just finished reading “Confessions of a Megachurch Pastor”. Allen Hunt takes you through a great journey of the soul in this easy read. This book should be read by every life-long Catholic as reminder of what the Catholic Church is about. I have a refreshed outlook about going to a Catholic Church. Never understood why other faiths offer Communion only at certain times, now I get it!


By Trish on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I loved this book. I didn't want to put it down. I was raised Catholic and yet I learned so much about Catholicism from this book... and I appreciate Catholicism a great deal more after reading it. Seeing Catholicism from Allen Hunt's eyes opened up a whole new view of the church for me. This book is truly a blessing for me, and God directed me to it at the perfect time in my spiritual journey. Thank you Allen Hunt! Which one should I read next? : )

Simply Wonderful

By Gloria on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A friend loaned me this book. I just finished reading it. Words cannot express how moved I was while reading it, and how blessed I feel to be a part of the church which Christ founded, built on the "rock" Peter, a succession that has been tried and remain true. I will definitely be promoting this book to family and friends.


By Gilda on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Great book. Read it and passed it on to a friend. This is one of those books you want to share.


By Amanda on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I read this mostly in one sitting as it was so engrossing! Dynamic Catholic is picking great books! Hunt's storytelling combined with information allows you to truly appreciate the Church and realize the differences between it and other Christian communities. I think this book could bring many back to Mass.

Touching Story - Loved it!

By Gidget on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I loved the book because it gave me an appreciation of the Catholic Church. It is a great reflection for people who have been Catholic all their life and sometimes forget the treasures that they have in been Catholic. I would recommend this book to everyone I know. This book is eye opening and tugged on my heart.

Great Book! Easy to read.

By Journey00 on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Very easy and fast to read. Does not make you feel like a you need a PHD in theology to understand which is why I gave it 5 stars. Very fascinating how a Preacher whom had established success and a large church walked away,It is a real story from a real person. Shows how he handled real life persecution from friends and family and gives Bible scripture to back up Catholicism. Thank you for allowing me to post a review.

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