For Parents and Sponsors

The young Catholic in your life is about to begin an incredible journey as he or she prepares for Confirmation. DECISION POINT is like nothing we’ve ever seen before for Confirmation preparation. It is our hope that this program will not only prepare young Catholics for the Sacrament of Confirmation in a dynamic way, but also teach and inspire them to respond and cooperate with God’s grace in all the circumstances of their daily lives, long after their Confirmation has passed.

Join them on the journey!

Simply sign up below, and over the course of the next 36 weeks you will receive the same films they are watching in class, in your inbox twice a week (every Monday and Thursday).

This will enable you to talk to your young Catholic about their DECISION POINT experience—and nurture your own spiritual journey. With topics like how to become a good decision maker, relationships, prayer, the Eucharist, and finding your mission, we hope DECISION POINT is a transformational experience for your whole family.

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