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Christine Simpson

Take just a few moments in your day to sit in silence, because that is where we start to live.

Christine Simpson is dedicated to helping women encounter the unconditional love of Jesus. When she finished college, Simpson pursued her passion for music and evangelization by singing at faith rallies, Youth 2000 events, Ignite Your Torch youth conferences, and Glory Night events.

She and two of her friends, Kara Klein and Maria Spears, decided they wanted to use their musical talent to do something to specifically reach girls and women. They founded His Own, a music and ministry outreach that inspires women of all ages to discover who they really are and what they are truly worth. His Own offers day retreats, presentations, concerts, and evenings of renewal with praise and worship. Simpson, Klein, and Spears share their own testimonies and speak on pressing issues for women and girls, such as modesty and the pressure to look perfect. They also have a talk for men, entitled “Today’s Desperate Need for the Masculine.”

Simpson, a Nashville native, is passionate about connecting with women who are struggling to be themselves in today’s world.