Christ Renews His Parish®

A Parish Spiritual Renewal Process

When we absorbed CRHP, two of the most common things the CRHP community told us were that the materials needed updating and it’s difficult to actually get people to go on the weekend. To better serve parishes with world-class resources and systems, we are piloting updated materials in a select number of parishes across the country. And to help parishes invite people on the weekend and welcome them into the parish family, we are calling this updated version of CRHP, Welcome.

Christ Renews His Parish works! In fact, it might be the most effective way to trigger engagement among Catholics today.

The research Dynamic Catholic has conducted provides incredible insights into the difference between highly engaged and disengaged Catholics but this research has also uncovered what triggers engagement. Throughout the research, CRHP kept popping up as a highly effective way to trigger engagement. People who experience CRHP are very likely to become dynamic Catholics.

Thank You!

We are excited that Dynamic Catholic has added CRHP to the life-changing programs we offer. We are confident this powerful ministry will help Catholics worldwide rediscover the genius of Catholicism.

We especially want to thank everyone who has been involved in CRHP over the past 45 years. We are excited to serve you with Welcome, the updated version of CRHP, and help you share this life-changing experience with more people in your parishes.

Find out how you can bring Welcome to your parish.

Christ Renews His Parish

What is Christ Renews His Parish?

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a personal and parish spiritual renewal process. As Catholics, we are called to witness to one another the amazing things God has done for us. The CRHP process allows us to do just that—take a break from our busy lives, share our faith with others, and get to know God through his works.

Since 1969, CRHP has impacted over 1,400 parishes throughout the United States. Today, CRHP is the primary program for both personal and parish spiritual renewal in over 100 Catholic dioceses and 40 states across America.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)?

CRHP is a personal and parish spiritual renewal process. This process has been proven to energize the spiritual lives of individuals and parishes in remarkable ways.

How does CRHP work?

Participants attend a 2-day, 1-overnight renewal weekend at their parish to focus on where they are in their spiritual journeys. Music, faith sharing, Mass, and individual and group activities help them reflect on their current relationship with God and inspire them to be open to the way God is working in their lives. (Men and women attend separate weekends.)

After attending a renewal weekend, participants are invited to serve on the next men’s/women’s CRHP team at their parish. They will go through a time of team fellowship and formation as the team prays, works, and prepares to lead the next retreat.

After sharing in the CRHP weekend, participants are encouraged to seek other ministries in their parish to serve and help make the parish a more vibrant faith community.

How has CRHP grown?

To date, CRHP has impacted over 1,400 parishes throughout the United States. CRHP is now the primary process for both personal and parish spiritual renewal in over 100 Catholic dioceses and 40 states across America.

Do I need to get my pastor’s approval?

Yes! It is essential to the success of CRHP in any parish that the pastor approves and supports this renewal process. Please assure him that we are here to help answer any questions

How much does it cost?

A parish must register with Dynamic Catholic and pay the CRHP activation fee of $495. The parish will then:

  • Become part of the CRHP community
  • Receive all necessary training and preparation resources and materials
  • Receive personal coaching from the CRHP Team at Dynamic Catholic throughout the entire process

Who can I talk with if I have more questions?

The CRHP Team is ready to answer your questions. Feel free to contact the CRHP Team at (859) 980-7887 or