Cyrus, Prince of Persia (Hardcover)

Chapter One
The Black Scorpion

The wind from the east was starting to freshen. The stranger in the dark blue hooded cloak squinted, feeling breeze-blown dust pecking at his face.

Here, in this scrubland on the edge of the plains, only a few palm trees and prickly bushes managed to eke out a frugal living. To the north, the land rose sharply toward the summit of a wide sand dune. Beyond this were the mountains, their peaks covered with snow regardless of the season in the lowlands.

The stranger began walking to the south, his hooded cloak concealing his features with the exception of his thoughtful dark brown eyes. Presently he came to a road that was little more than a dirt track.

As he reached it, he noticed a black desert scorpion scuttling across. A few moments later he heard the roar of an approaching car. The stranger stepped out into the road, stooped and picked up the scorpion, holding it firmly just under its lethal sting.

The car, a beat-up, faded green Mercedes, screeched to a halt. An unshaven driver rolled down the window and started swearing.

The stranger, his face still obscured, merely walked off the road in his own good time, ignoring the driver’s shouts.

The car raced past, spewing black smoke and curses, whipped by the gathering wind.

When the stranger was some way from the road, he set the black scorpion onto the sandy ground and watched it dart away. He knew the scorpion was even more poisonous than the desert cobra, but neither held any fear for him.

For a few seconds he stood in complete silence and stillness, trying to remember, as if a moment of the past had caught up with him. Features of the surrounding landscape . . . how familiar they suddenly were!

Finally he headed toward the nearby town, using for his guide the rough road . . . and a memory, slowly becoming more substantial within him, that he couldn’t understand, let alone explain.

Cyrus, Prince of Persia (Hardcover)

by Alexander Jovy

Discover the riveting story of the one man whose visionary leadership formed civilization as we know it.

New Release Special! - $17.95

Cyrus, Prince of Persia (Hardcover)

by Alexander Jovy

Discover the riveting story of the one man whose visionary leadership formed civilization as we know it.

New Release Special! - $17.95
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About Cyrus, Prince of Persia (Hardcover)

In this action-packed novel, Alexander Jovy will introduce you to one of history’s greatest untold stories. Part adventure, part romance, part historical drama, Cyrus, Prince of Persia plunges you into the fascinating world of ancient Persia and the life of its most awe-inspiring leader.

The novel chronicles the king’s amazing rise from unlikely beginnings and sweeps you up into both his military exploits and a tortuous romance. It weaves together the many strands of Cyrus’ personality to tell the story of a visionary leader who, far ahead of his time, built an empire on the foundation of religious tolerance and created a society in which people of different backgrounds and cultures could live together in harmony.

After years of research, critically acclaimed filmmaker Alexander Jovy has created an imaginative novel sure to delight history lovers, romantics, and adventure seekers alike.

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Product Type Media Books

Author Alexander Jovy

ISBN 978-1-63582-042-3

Book Format Hardcover

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Cyrus Prince of Persia

By Andrea on Saturday, February 29, 2020

I always wonder how and why the Israelites were allowed their freedom back, Cyrus was the man. Although it is historical fiction, there is enough to understand the times and with God's blessings His people were again granted freedom It was an easy read and intriguing that I wished there was more. Well written. I just purchased one for another friend. Cyrus was so different from many others of his time. Bravo!!!

Cyrus Prince of Persia

By Sandra on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What a wonderful story and the author does such a fabulous job of keeping you so involved in the story. What a great leader, Cyrus was. If we only had more leaders like him today we might all live in Peace. Loved this book!!

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