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Best Lent Ever

Every day during Lent you’ll receive an email with inspirational content, practical tips, and a short video from Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team. It’ll be the best Lent of your life.

Daily Reflections

Start each day with an inspiring quote sent directly to your inbox. These simple yet powerful messages will help you live each day with passion and purpose.

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Be one of the first to know about new products and special weekly offers. No matter where you are on your journey, we have bestselling Catholic books, CDs, DVDs, and more for you.


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Best Advent Ever

Every day during Advent you’ll receive an email with inspirational content, practical tips, and short videos from Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team. Get ready for your best Advent and Christmas ever.


DECISION POINT isn’t just for those preparing for Confirmation—it’s for you. With just 2 emails a week, this program will help you become a great decision-maker, discover your mission, and more.

Better Together Email Program

Each week you’ll get short, engaging videos full of real-life wisdom that will help you have a great marriage. From conflict resolution to growing closer to God together, it equips couples with basic skills they need to build lasting, happy, and faith-filled marriages—all while fitting comfortably into the busiest of schedules.

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