Everyday Life

At Dynamic Catholic we believe that God is interested in the whole person; not just your spiritual self, but your whole self. So we want to help you thrive physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. We also want to help you make the connection between the genius of Catholicism and the things of your everyday life. Health & Well Being, Marriage & Sexuality, Family & Parenting, Money Matters, Work & Career, Addiction & Recovery, are all ways to grow spirituality and glorify God.

One of the great complaints so many people make about Catholicism today is that it is irrelevant to modern life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything we do every day is intimately connected to our spiritual journey. We have simply lost sight of these connections. We are excited to help you rediscover them.

Over the next year we will be compiling a database of resources to help Catholics become the best-version-of-themselves® in their everyday life. We are currently accepting content/link submissions to help us identify the best resources and tools the web has to offer in accomplishing this mission.

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