14 Things to be Grateful for Today

Want to know the secret to happiness? Gratitude. When you’re deeply grateful for everything in your life, you’re a much more joyful person. But the truth is, life is difficult and we all struggle. It’s often much easier to focus on what we don’t have than on what we do have. The best way to remedy this is to walk through the day literally counting your blessings. Here are 14 things you can be grateful for today:

1. The coffee in your cup

Or tea, if that’s more your thing. A morning beverage is a satisfying daily ritual that helps you prepare to take on the world.

2. Your home

A home should be a sanctuary, a safe place to rejuvenate, rest, and recover. Be deeply grateful you have a roof over your head and a place to come home to each day.

Don’t wait; treasure it now.

3. Your loved ones

It’s so easy to take family and friends for granted. But pause and let it sink in: You have people to love, who also love you. What a gift. Those relationships are everything. Take some time to say thank you.

4. The sun on your skin.

When you walk out the door and the sun hits your face, pause and say thank you. The sun makes life itself possible.

5. Your bed

Is there anything better than your own bed? Enough said.

6. Freedom

So many people around the world struggle to be free in one way or another. Never take your freedoms for granted.

7. The goodness in the world.

It’s easy to focus on the bad news, but there’s so much goodness, too — heroic people, wonderful happenings, beauty in the world. It’s all around if you look.

8. Great neighbors

There’s nothing like living beside people who are decent and kind, who look out for you and smile and wave when they see you. If you’ve got them nearby, appreciate them.

9. Your health

We never seem to appreciate our health until we lose it. And when we do, or when it’s threatened, we realize what an incredible gift it is. Don’t wait; treasure it now.

10. Good food

The delicious meal on your table, your favorite snack, a holiday feast… whatever you’re eating today, give thanks.

11. Clean, running water

You don’t know the gift of clean, running water until you visit a place that doesn’t have it. Today, when you turn on your tap, take a shower, or flush your toilet, be grateful — very grateful.

Gratitude for everything, large and small, is truly the secret to happiness.

12. What’s outside your window

Whether it’s a bird, a building, a downpour, or a driveway, there’s a beautiful world out there and you get to live in it.

13. Your faith

Faith is the most precious of gifts. It brings hope, consolation, and grace into our lives. To believe in a good God and in his promises is something to be enormously grateful for.

14. Your life so far

Everything that has happened in your life leading up to this moment — the good, the bad, the mistakes, the triumphs—has made you who you are today. Be glad for it all because who you are is a gift to the world.

Gratitude for everything, large and small, is truly the secret to happiness. From the moment you wake up until you turn out the light, be aware of the many things you have to grateful for and it will transform your life.

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