3 Reasons Why God Wants You to Have a Great Sex Life

The culture around us seems to be either obsessed with sex or fearful of it. But in spite of prevalent unhealthy views about sex, the truth is that God designed sex to not just be good, but great! Here are three reasons He wants you to have a fantastic sex life:

1. God made you for intimacy.

The intimacy you enjoy with your spouse is a taste of the union you are meant to have with God.

Human beings were created male and female, with bodies designed to fit together. Sex is the closest we can get to another person body and soul. Because of its power to bond us together and to bring forth new life, God intended sex for marriage. In a committed, exclusive relationship, a man and a woman can grow in unity with one another over their years together. Sexual intimacy is a big part of that. The intimacy you enjoy with your spouse is a taste of the union you are meant to have with God.

2. God wants you to be healthy.

God’s dream for each of us includes being as healthy as we can be. Sex can help! Studies show that human touch is crucial to our well-being — in fact, an infant cannot survive without touch and as we grow older, we still need it. The health benefits of sex go well beyond touch, however. Sex improves our health in similar ways that exercise does — by boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, and improving heart health. Studies have linked sex to better sleep, lower stress levels, and even pain relief. Some researchers believe it can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer and help bladder control in women. Sex improves mood and enhances well-being, providing emotional and psychological benefits. What’s not to like about all that?

Sex isn’t something we should ever hide from God.

3. God wants you to be happy.

There are other ways God could have arranged for us to propagate our species, of course, but he made it so that humans had to unite sexually to create new life. There’s probably no better evidence to show the gift God meant sex to be than how pleasurable it is. And pleasure makes us happy. It’s not simply that our bodies experience sexual activity as pleasurable, but all that happens before, during, and after sex that contributes to that pleasure — the physical affection and emotional intimacy, the release of endorphins, and the experience of loving and being loved.

Sex isn’t something we should ever hide from God — instead it is part of his plan to help us be the best-version-of-ourselves in our marriages. God wants you to have a healthy, vibrant sex life. Don’t be afraid to strive for it! Want to be more intimate with your spouse? Check out my book the 7 Levels of Intimacy.

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