30 Reasons to Stop Waiting and Start Doing

So much of life comes down to timing.

Half the time we think we aren't ready, and the other half the time we think we're too late.

How do successful people get a handle on timing? They never let it hold them back.

Here are thirty reasons timing should never hold you back.

1. Julie Andrews was eight years old when she mastered an astounding four-octave singing range.

2. Mozart was eight years old when he wrote his first symphony.

3. Stevie Wonder was twelve when he began recording music and performing professionally.

4. Anne Frank was thirteen years old when she began her diary.

5. Ralph Waldo Emerson was fourteen years old when he enrolled at Harvard.

6. Paul McCartney was fifteen years old when John Lennon invited him to join a band.

7. Bill Gates was nineteen years old when he co-founded Microsoft.

8. Plato was twenty years old when he became a student of Socrates.

9. Joe DiMaggio was twenty-six years old when he hit safely in fifty-six consecutive games.

10. Henry David Thoreau was twenty-seven years old when he moved to the shore of Walden Pond, built a house, planted a garden, and began a two-year experiment in simplicity and self-reliance.

11. Ralph Lauren was twenty-nine years old when he created Polo.

12. William Shakespeare was thirty-one years old when he wrote Romeo and Juliet.

13. Bill Gates was thirty-one years old when he became a billionaire.

14. Thomas Jefferson was thirty-three years old when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

15. Coco Chanel was thirty-eight years old when she introduced her perfume Chanel No. 5.

16. Mother Teresa was forty years old when she founded the Missionaries of Charity.

17. Jack Nicklaus was forty-six years old when he shot sixty-five in the final round, and thirty on the back nine to win the Masters.

18. Henry Ford was fifty years old when he started his first manufacturing assembly line.

19. Ray Kroc was a fifty-two-year-old milkshake machine salesman when he bought out Mac and Dick McDonald and officially started McDonald’s.

20. Pablo Picasso was fifty-five years old when he painted Guernica.

21. Dom Pérignon was sixty years old when he first produced champagne.

22. Oscar Hammerstein II was sixty-four years old when he wrote the lyrics for The Sound of Music.

23. Winston Churchill was sixty-five years old when he became Britain’s prime minister.

24. Nelson Mandela was seventy-one years old when he was released from a South African prison. Four years later he was elected president of South Africa.

25. Michelangelo was seventy-two years old when he designed the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

26. Auguste Rodin was seventy-six years old when he finally married Rose Beuret, whom he met when he was twenty-three.

27. Benjamin Franklin was seventy-nine years old when he invented bifocal eyeglasses.

28. Frank Lloyd Wright was ninety-one years old when he completed his work on the Guggenheim Museum.

29. Dimitrion Yordanidis was ninety-eight years old when he ran a marathon in seven hours and thirty-three minutes in Athens, Greece.

30. Ichijirou Araya was one hundred years old when he climbed Mount Fuji.

Whether you are sixteen or sixty, the rest of your life is ahead of you. You cannot change one moment of your past, but you can change your whole future.

If you want to count yourself in that list of successful people, now is your time.

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