6 Ways to Spend Meaningful Time With Your Spouse Without Leaving the House

While it’s important to make time to get out on a date with your spouse, it’s also crucial to build in special time together regularly, right at home. It may seem impossible, given the busyness of life, but it can happen if you get a little creative. Here are six ways to spend meaningful time with your spouse without ever leaving the house…

1. Happy Hour

Use the time right before dinner (or after) as a chance to connect–pour a special cocktail, glass of wine, or favorite beverage and catch up on your days while preparing dinner. Who ever gets home first can serve up the drinks! It’s a nice way to be welcomed home and gives you both a touch-stone after a long work day.

Making time for each other isn’t that difficult if you think about how to anchor the time around already established routines at home.

2. His-and-her Massages

After the kids are in bed, set aside some time to unwind and take turns giving each other a massage – back, feet, head, or hands. It’s a simple way to reconnect physically and emotionally and allows you to do something healing for each other.

3. Morning prayer

There’s nothing that gets the day off to a better start than prayer before your feet even hit the ground. Before you even rise, pray with your spouse – either a set prayer you both know or something spontaneous. It doesn’t have to be long. Give your day to God and ask him to bless your marriage and your family and all the tasks ahead of you. Praying together strengthens a relationship and fosters a strong sense of togetherness.

4. Tea Time

After dinner, or once the kids are in bed, sit down together for some tea – non-caffeinated, is best before bed, of course! There are many tea varieties that facilitate calm and relaxation and “tea time” can be a meaningful daily ritual. It’s no coincidence that tea time is an important tradition in so many cultures.

5. Date Night at Home

A special evening doesn’t need to always happen outside the walls of your home. Hire a babysitter or wait until the kids are in bed, order some favorite take-out, open a bottle of wine, turn off the digital devices, and pay attention to one another.

6. Saturday Mornings

If your kids have a favorite show or movie they watch each week, why not use that time for your spouse? Saturday mornings are often a time in the week when parents don’t have to get up for work and kids don’t have homework to do so find a quiet spot while the kids are being entertained and spend some time together.

Making time for each other isn’t that difficult if you think about how to anchor the time around already established routines at home. Even just ten minutes of focused time on one another will go a very long way.

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