90 Days to the Work You Love

One of the best things in this life is having the opportunity to work hard at something that is actually worth doing.

It is unfortunate that in this age of opportunity one of the most common struggles in people’s lives is with their work. Do you feel appreciated? Are you passionate about your work? Do you feel that you are wasting your life and that you could be doing so much more? Do you feel that your creativity is not being tapped, and do you yearn to make a more meaningful contribution?

You will be amazed what can be accomplished in ninety days.

Here is a simple three-step process you can implement over the next ninety days to help you discover your deepest passions and set you on the road to working in your genius full-time. By taking these small steps in the right direction you will begin to feel passion, energy, and enthusiasm flow back into your life, and these will give fuel to a gathering momentum. You will be amazed what can be accomplished in ninety days. Mark your calendar and let’s get started.

1. Determine what you are passionate about.

The first step is to work out what your passions are.

Take a few minutes and make a list. Just write from your stream of consciousness. Don’t overthink things. Ask yourself . . .

If I could do anything with my life, what would I do?
What am I really passionate about?
What would I be really good at and would enjoy?
What could do with my life that could really make a contribution?

You might find it helpful to set a goal of writing down one hundred things that you enjoy. This exercise will really get your creative juices flowing. It’ll be easy at first and you’ll amaze yourself with how many things you enjoy or find interesting. Usually around number twenty-five or thirty, your ideas will start to slow down. Don’t give up. Oftentimes the things that come after pushing through the initial difficulties reveal something you may not have thought of if you didn’t push yourself. Write it all down—anything that excites you, anything that energizes you. Just write it all down.

If you get stuck while you’re writing your list, it might be helpful to think about things you do that create a sense of timelessness. This is a sense you get when you are exercising your talents and abilities in a role that you are passionate about. You could be engaged in a particular activity for hours, but feel like you’ve only been at it for a few minutes. What activities give you this sense of timelessness?

2. Lay out a step-by-step plan.

Once you’ve determined what you’re truly passionate about, take a look at your list and determine the top ten things that you could potentially turn into a viable career. Of those top ten things, which are you most passionate about? From here you need a plan of action that will get you working in that area full-time.

Break it down into baby steps. Take the steps that don’t require you to quit your current position first. Do what you can do on the side, after hours, in the evenings, and on weekends. Are there any courses you could take to further your knowledge in the field you’re passionate about? If necessary, get yourself trained and licensed in your area of interest.

So what are your baby steps? What are the interim steps between your current life and your dream that you can take without turning your life on its head? Maybe the first step is taking some time in silence and solitude. Perhaps you need this time to identify the other interim steps. Start to take those steps. Put together a current résumé. Enroll in a class. Start to research your area of interest.

One great baby step is to seek out a mentor in your industry of interest. No one who’s been successful at anything was successful on their own. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Who are the giants of your industry of interest who can help raise you to new levels of success? Get to know them and ask for their advice.

3. Be persistent.

Progress toward your goal requires consistent and persistent effort. Work on your baby steps just a little bit every day. To help ensure you are staying focused on progress, choose one thing. Identify it and do it. Then, for the next ninety days, do one thing each day that will move you closer to, or prepare you for, your ideal job.

Success is all about making small and consistent efforts that, over time, propel you toward your goal.

For example, you can spend day one simply identifying the goal you want to work toward by writing your list of one hundred things that you are passionate about. Day two can be used identifying your top ten passions and figuring out which of those is the most viable career option for you to focus on. On day three you can determine your “Golden Hour”—the best time of day for you to set aside just twenty minutes to an hour to devote entirely to your passion. On day four you can study up on the successful people who have devoted themselves to your same area of interest. Write down what they did that propelled them to the top of their field.

The point is, it doesn’t matter how small or seemingly insignificant the step is. Success is all about making small and consistent efforts that, over time, propel you toward your goal in ways that large but sporadic efforts never could. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

It may take months or years to find what you love. It may take months or years more to get yourself in a position where you can do what you love full-time, but in some ways large or small, you can start doing what you love today. You may not be paid or recognized for it. That’s okay.

Once you engage in what you love doing, even if it is just for one hour a day, you will release an enormous amount of passion and energy into your life. Every area of your life will improve because you will rediscover your enthusiasm.

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