Simple Steps for a More Peaceful Home

When you walk into your home, how do you feel . . . happy? Relaxed? Overwhelmed? Stressed? In this busy and fast-paced world, it’s extremely important than that your home be a place of calm and rest so you can continue living out your life’s purpose with energy and passion. Here are six ways to transform your home into a peaceful dwelling place . . .

1. Tackle the clutter

Clutter promotes chaos. Not only does it prevent you from finding things when you need them, it can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. There are many ways to de-clutter and plenty of books and resources that outline different methods. But whether you’re a neat freak or a clutter bug, your home will be much more peaceful if “there’s a place for everything and everything has a place.”

2. Use color well

Color has a powerful affect on us. Studies show it can lower our blood pressure, change our body temperature, boost our appetite, and foster relaxation. Given how much color affects mood and energy levels, be aware of the hues you choose for your home. If you want a more peaceful space, try more soothing shades.

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3. Make it green

Bringing nature into your home fosters an atmosphere of tranquility and one of the best ways is with green plants. Not only do they clean and re-oxygenate your space, they can help eliminate off-gases from some of the products you bring into your home. Plants also bring beauty into your space which helps create a sense of calm.

4. Create a sacred space

Whether it’s a small room, a corner, a small table, or even a designated shelf, you can place special objects in this space to help you reflect and pray -- such as a Bible, a crucifix, images of Mary and the saints, a candle, and perhaps a prayer journal.

By paying more attention to these elements in your home, you can create a more tranquil space, which will bring you more peace.

5. Designate tech-free zones

When screens dominate every room in the house, it’s doesn’t make for a peaceful environment. Consider having a designated “TV room” and make sure certain times and places are tech-free – no smart phones on the dinner table, no computers on the bedside table overnight. If you’re in the habit of using screens for background noise, consider switching to audio podcasts or listening to music.

6. Decorate with meaning

Take a look around at what’s on your walls and shelves – does it inspire you? Make you smile? When pictures, objects, and decorative items are personal and meaningful, this helps create a more peaceful environment. If there are bad memories associated with certain items in your home, get rid of them. Decorate your house only with things you find beautiful and meaningful.

Your home should be a respite. By paying more attention to these elements in your home, you can create a more tranquil space, which will bring you more peace.

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