20 Reasons Why I Have Already Failed at Lent

Here we are. Lent just started, and I’ve already messed up.

For most people, this isn’t a big deal—everyone trips and falls now and then when it comes to our Lenten sacrifices. But it’s a big deal for me.

I can’t fail at Lent! I work at Dynamic Catholic; we created the BEST LENT EVER program that literally a million-ish people see every year.

So this year, I came up with a plan. I have prepared my top 20 list of great excuses to have on hand just in case I need them. Now, maybe no one else needs a list like this, but in case you do, here are my top 20 reasons why I’ve already failed at Lent.

1. Wait, Lent started already?

2. Lent is Hard

3. Did you say “almsgiving?” I’ve never even seen an alm.

4. I mean, is anybody really a fan of fish fillets?

5. Penance? I thought that went out of style like six or seven centuries ago.

6. Fasting? I think I might be hypoglycemic. . . . What if I pass out?

7. Actually, I gave up surfing for Lent. *Lives in Cincinnati*

8. The devil made me eat it.

9. I just can’t find something challenging enough to give up.

10. I’ll be honest, I was knee-deep in the KFC bowl before I remembered it was Friday

11. I already use fasting as part of my fitness program, so I gave up fasting.

12. If you had seen the Philly cheesesteak you would understand. It would have been wrong not to eat it.

13. Water buffalo is a fish, right?

14. In the end, if I fast I will lose weight. If I lose weight, I will be good-looking. And if I’m good-looking, I could lead someone into temptation. I don’t want that on my conscience.

15. I like to get all my failing done early.

16. I’m too hard on myself, so this year I am giving up giving things up. TREAT YO SELF

17. Can I change my mind on what I am giving up halfway through Lent? Is there a rule for that?

18. I gave up alcohol. Then St. Patty’s Day hit, a feast day. Whose idea was that?!

19. I’ll play it safe . . . give up sweets. *Coworker brings in entire box of my favorite donuts*

20. Matthew Kelly said I couldn’t give up work for Lent.

Now here’s the real trick: after you give your excuse, just get right back on the horse and press on. After all, you can’t really fail Lent.

Lent isn’t about being perfect. It’s about taking one little step closer to winning the battle against your impulses and desires.

You’ve got this. Just keep going. Press on!

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