Who shared the genius of Catholicism with you?

From time to time someone crosses our path who reminds us of the transformative power the Gospel has when it is actually lived. They encourage us in our weariness, challenge us in our comfort, and invite us to discover the beautiful possibilities God places before us daily. They invite us to discover the genius of Catholicism.

In the great majority of cases, they don’t do anything spectacular. For the most part, they commit themselves to doing simple things spectacularly well and with great love—and that inspires us. Use one of these gratitude cards to thank someone who inspired you.

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Very often, the people who have the greatest impact on our lives never know it.

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There is genius in Catholicism.

When you see holiness alive in a person, even for a moment, it is inspiring. The truth is, virtue is ultimately attractive. When Jesus walked the earth, people wanted to be with him. Whether he was speaking in the synagogue, walking down the street, or eating at someone’s home—people wanted to be with him.

At Dynamic Catholic, we are convinced that the life Jesus invites us to in the Gospel is the best way to live. Because when Catholicism is truly lived, it infuses purpose into everything we do—animating and elevating every area of our lives.

When you grasp each moment, allowing your decisions to be guided by the Holy Spirit, you grow in holiness. It’s as simple as smiling at a stranger at the grocery store, or letting a car go ahead of you when you’re stuck in traffic. It’s cooking dinner for your family, or offering an hour of work as a prayer for a friend going through a tough time. Choosing honesty even when it’s difficult. Forgiving someone who has caused you pain. Giving without counting the cost. It’s allowing God to transform you through the ordinary events of your life into all you are capable of being—the-very-best-version-of-yourself.

Inspiring. Intriguing. And incredibly practical—that’s the genius of Catholicism.

The mission entrusted to the Catholics of every era is to transform the world they live, work, and play in. If we live and love the way the Gospel invites us to, we will intrigue and inspire the people around us to do the same. In doing so, we will build a more beautiful Church and a better world.