We are changing the way children experience the Catholic faith.

When we partnered with an Emmy-Award winning animation studio and an internationally acclaimed children’s book artist to create the very best First Communion and First Reconciliation programs in the world, we only dreamed of the impact they could have.

BLESSED is already in 10,000 schools, homes, and parishes

We helped Claudia become a better wife and inspire her husband to be a man of faith.

Thousands of people just like Claudia attended a Dynamic Catholic event in parishes across the country, discovering practical ways to live every day with more passion and purpose.

More than 51,370 men and women experienced a Dynamic Catholic event this past year

We inspired Steven to share the genius of Catholicism with his family and friends.

After listening to one of Matthew Kelly’s CDs, Steven knew he needed to change the way he lived—and help those closest to him become the-best-version-of-themselves, too. His strategy: invite them to experience our free email programs.

Over 750,000 Catholics across the United States experienced our free email programs BEST LENT EVER and BEST ADVENT EVER.

Together we invited teens to make a choice for God and his Church.

Hundreds of thousands of teens have experienced DECISION POINT since its release in 2014. It’s now in half of the parishes across the nation, making it the most used Confirmation program in America.

55% of teens using DECISION POINT talk with their parents about their faith and their relationship with Jesus.

We started a movement that brought Catholics together to pray for our country.

Thousands of people joined you in praying more than five million Rosaries for America!

30,596 people prayed 6,060,425 Rosaries

Together we encouraged the Hudsons to start talking about faith as a family.

And it all started with the Mass Journal. The Hudsons are just five of the thousands of people who received a free Mass Journal this year. That’s a lot of men, women, and children who are now actively listening to the voice of God in their lives.

More than 100,000 people received a free Mass Journal

We helped Fr. Sterling re-energize his parish.

Since 2008, the Dynamic Catholic Book Program has been changing lives and re-energizing parishes like Fr. Sterling’s parish. Because sometimes all it takes to bring someone back to church is the right book.

This year we distributed our 20 millionth book