Make A Difference

The Ambassador’s Club

The Ambassador’s Club is a group of passionate people who are doing something big and bold to re-energize the Catholic Church in America. They are teenagers and parents, doctors and technicians, teachers and priests. They are people like you. And they each give at least $10 a month to make everything we do possible. We invite you to join them.

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Parish Champion

Everyone wants to belong to a vibrant faith community—and re-energizing your parish can start with you. Becoming a Parish Champion is a simple yet powerful way to inspire your fellow parishioners. Are you ready to share the genius of Catholicism with everyone in your faith community?

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Host a Parish Retreat

Most of the people you see every day feel like something is missing in their lives. Welcome is an incredible experience that helps them discover what that something is—and what to do about it. It’s run by parishioners for parishioners, and it’s re-energizing parishes across the country.

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Host an Event

We are passionate about helping you re-energize your parish community. With incredible Catholic speakers and powerful messages, our life-changing events will inspire people in your parish to take the next small step on their spiritual journeys and increase their involvement in parish life.

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Are you passionate about re-energizing the Catholic Church in America? Do you think every Catholic should read great Catholic books, listen to inspiring Catholic CDs, and experience our free world-class programs? Then become a Dynamic Catholic volunteer!

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Career Opportunities

When 70% of Catholics don’t go to church on Sunday, isn’t it time someone did something? At Dynamic Catholic, you have the opportunity to do meaningful work. Make a historic impact by using your talents and abilities to re-energize the Catholic Church in America.

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Leave a Legacy

Remembering Dynamic Catholic in your will or trust allows you to play a role in the great renewal of the Church and provide for future generations of Catholics.

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