Messy & Foolish (Paperback)

Part One ON MESSES (and Thinking Differently about Them) Messes Can Be Good

The steps leading up to our mudroom were covered in empty boxes, piles of tools, and bags of household items to be given away. I could barely open the door due to even more boxes, a mound of old shoes, a broom, and a bag of clothes behind it. When I finally made my way through the clutter, I found my beautiful wife, her hair piled atop her head and a dustpan in her hand.

I pulled her in for a hug and helped her put another bag by the door, grateful for the temporary mess she had made. I knew all of our closets and cabinets and rooms were now less cluttered and more functional because of the mess that was made to rearrange them.

After all, when things aren’t put together quite right, they need to be jumbled around. They need to be thought about entirely differently. They need to be taken apart, spread across the floor, dusted off, and put back together better.

So sure, generally we think of messes as bad things. And generally, that’s probably true. After all, our God is a god of order. But sometimes a mess can be good.

Messy & Foolish (Paperback)

by Matthew Warner

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Messy & Foolish (Paperback)

by Matthew Warner

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About Messy & Foolish (Paperback)

Pope Francis says he wants “a mess.” Are you foolish enough to make one?

We Christians claim to have a great message for the world. But if it’s so great, why are more people leaving the Church than joining? The message clearly isn’t getting through. We must be doing something wrong.

Matthew Warner has spent the last twelve years passionately sharing the life-changing truths of the Christian faith with others. As a student of the Information Age, he is eager to use every means of communication at his disposal to help the Church share her message. In his attempts, he’s reached millions of people by developing faith-based websites, blogs, and email lists, and engaging a large audience through social media. And as the creator of his own innovative communication tool used by thousands of churches worldwide, he's experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to evangelization.

Along the way, he’s made a lot of mistakes trying to share the faith with others — but he’s also seen what works. That's what this book is about.

Messy & Foolish presents a fresh vision for evangelization that will inspire you to quit the lesser pursuits of your life and accept nothing less than the joyful, adventure-filled, contagious life God intends you to live.

Pope Francis was right. It’s time to make a mess. It’s time to change the world. And we are just the fools to do it.

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Alternative Headline How to Make a Mess, Be a Fool and Evangelize the World


Product Type Media Books

Author Matthew Warner

Publisher Beacon Publishing

Number of Pages 79

Book Format Paperback

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