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May Game Plan

  • Reminder: Pray for your parish. Pray for those who are going to be confirmed in the faith, for the youth in your parish who will be receiving First Communion, and continued prayers for your pastors.
  • Gift: Books/CDs surprise pack
  • Parish Resource: Mass Journal + BLESSED: My Little Mass Journal
  • Note: Please pass out the books by May 31.

Monthly Gift

Another Surprise Pack is on its way. Pass out the books or CDs after Mass, or share them with one of the ministries or groups in your parish.

The Dynamic Catholic Mass Journal & My Little Mass Journal

The Mass Journal is designed to enrich your experience at Sunday Mass, teach you how to listen to the voice of God, and deepen your daily spirituality. The Mass Journal is a game-changer that urges us to ask the question, “God, what is one way that I can become a-better-version-of-myself this week?”

Asking this question teaches those who are about to receive First Communion and those journeying through Confirmation how to listen to the voice of God in their lives. The My Little Mass Journal was created specifically for those preparing for First Communion. This beautifully illustrated journal is the perfect tool to engage children at Sunday Mass and inspire them to hear God at Mass.

Imagine what your parish would be like if every young person actively listened to God each Sunday. Talk with your pastor, DRE, or catechists about ordering Mass Journals for your parish to give as a gift for your Communicants and Catechumens. See the options below to get a free copy of our Mass Journal to show them this powerful tool for anyone at the parish.

Would You Like a FREE
Mass Journal + My Little Mass Journal?

Let us know if you would like a complimentary Mass Journal + My Little Mass Journal to share with your pastor, DRE, or catechists.

What People Are Sharing About
The Mass Journal

“I have kept a Mass Journal since Matthew Kelly visited my parish over a year and a half ago. ‘Show up early, pray the Holy Spirit reveals to you the one thing God wants you to take from that Mass, write it down, then go back and review it later.’ I loved the Mass before, and was engaged, but this has brought my faith to the next level. I eagerly await each Mass for the message God has just for me.”

“I give this book to my 3rd graders and ask them to write their reflections of the weekly reading. For the children who like to write, this is a great exercise. For the poor writers, it helps them start to learn to become readers, listeners, and writers.”

“I have been giving these little books to teens in my Confirmation Prep class for the past two years. I have had a lot of positive feedback from parents and teens... I have had requests for the Mass Journal from some of my fellow parishioners. I have given away about a dozen so far.”

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Connect with your fellow Parish Champions on our exclusive Parish Champion Facebook page! It’s a great place to get to know each other and share best practices and encouragement.

Parish Champion Role

At Dynamic Catholic, we are passionate about helping every parish in America develop a vibrant faith community. That’s why we assembled a team of Parish Champions—volunteers in parishes across the country who are re-energizing their parishes with our free programs and resources.

What is a Parish Champion?

A Parish Champion . . .

  1. Gives out free books and CDs to parishioners after Mass.

  2. Shares world-class programs with pastors and parish leaders.

  3. Prays for their parish.

  4. Finds out about new Dynamic Catholic programs and resources before they're released.

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