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September Game Plan

Click on the video below to get this month’s game plan.

This Month’s Topics

  • Gift: Faith at Work & the Holy Moment (CD)
  • Parish Resource: Prayer Process Cards
  • Children’s Prayer Process Cards
  • Note: Please pass out the books by September 30.

Faith at Work & the Holy Moment

by Matthew Kelly

Is it possible to live out your faith at work? Does doing the right thing help or hurt the profitability of a business? Matthew Kelly has the answers—and they might surprise you. After you hear the encouragement, insights, and down-to-earth advice in this CD, you’ll never look at your workday the same way again.

Prayer Process Cards

Pray anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re just learning how to pray or have been praying your whole life, the Prayer Process will help you have a meaningful conversation with God. Share these cards with your parishioners so they can experience the power of prayer!

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Children’s Prayer Process Cards

A simple way to teach children to pray

We also have Prayer Process Cards available for children! The perfect size for little hands, these cards will inspire the children in your parish to build a friendship with God that will last a lifetime.

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Get Connected

Connect with your fellow Parish Champions on our exclusive Parish Champion Facebook page! It’s a great place to get to know each other and share best practices and encouragement.

Parish Champion Role

At Dynamic Catholic, we are passionate about helping every parish in America develop a vibrant faith community. That’s why we assembled a team of Parish Champions—volunteers in parishes across the country who are re-energizing their parishes with our free programs and resources.

What is a Parish Champion?

A Parish Champion . . .

  1. Gives out free books and CDs to parishioners after Mass.

  2. Shares world-class programs with pastors and parish leaders.

  3. Prays for their parish.

  4. Finds out about new Dynamic Catholic programs and resources before they're released.

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Helpful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Brennan Hehman

Email: Parish-Champion@DynamicCatholic.com

Phone: (859) 980-0741