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March Game Plan

Click on the video below to get this month’s game plan.

This Month’s Topics

  • Parish Champion Facebook Group
  • Gift: Beautiful Mercy (book)
  • Parish Resource: BLESSED
  • Note: Please pass out the books by March 31.

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Beautiful Mercy

by Matthew Kelly and 26 of the best Catholic voices of our time

These real-life stories will make you laugh and cry, and fill you with gratitude as you come face to face with ordinary people doing amazing things. Learn how to let God’s unconditional love and mercy flow through you to everyone in your life. It’s easier than you think!


There’s never been anything like BLESSED in the Catholic world for children. World-class animation. Workbooks that are works of art. Catechist-friendly leader guides. And incredible content that meets children where they are and leads them, step-by-step, to where God is calling them to be. BLESSED isn’t just different, it’s groundbreaking. And it’s FREE! (Just pay shipping.)

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Get Connected

Connect with your fellow Parish Champions on our exclusive Parish Champion Facebook page! It’s a great place to get to know each other and share best practices and encouragement.


Parish Champion Role

At Dynamic Catholic, we are passionate about helping every parish in America develop a vibrant faith community. That’s why we assembled a team of Parish Champions—volunteers in parishes across the country who are re-energizing their parishes with our free programs and resources.

What is a Parish Champion?

A Parish Champion . . .

  1. Gives out free books and CDs to parishioners after Mass.

  2. Shares world-class programs with pastors and parish leaders.

  3. Prays for their parish.

  4. Finds out about new Dynamic Catholic programs and resources before they're released.

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Contact Information

Brennan Hehman

Email: Parish-Champion@DynamicCatholic.com

Phone: (859) 980-0741