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Invite others to experience BEST LENT EVER in an even deeper way with the BEST LENT EVER Journal. Make sure to save a copy for your pastor and encourage him to hand out additional copies to parishioners at Ash Wednesday Mass.



Parish Resource:

BEST LENT EVER Journals for Ash Wednesday

Monthly Gift

Designed to enhance your parish’s experience of the BEST LENT EVER email program, the journal offers thought-provoking opportunities for daily reflection. More than just for the individual though, the journal is the perfect companion to a Lenten small group experience. For decades, small faith sharing groups have served as the cornerstone for deepening faith among Christians and building community. What better moment to engage your fellow parishioners in a life-changing conversation about their faith than in Lent? Let the 2020 BEST LENT EVER Journal spark something powerful in your parish this Lent.

Parish Resource

BEST LENT EVER Journal for Ash Wednesday

Want everyone to have a powerful experience this Lent? Spread the word and encourage your fellow parishioners to join us this year for BEST LENT EVER by passing out even more BEST LENT EVER Journals on Ash Wednesday! This free email program will guide Catholics on an incredible journey toward the-best-version-of-themselves. By handing out these Journals, you can play a key role in transforming the lives of your fellow parishioners in just forty days. Additional copies of the BEST LENT EVER Journals can be ordered for just $14.95 each by contacting the Parish Champion team at parish-champion@dynamiccatholic.com or by calling (859) 980-0741.

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Connect with your fellow Parish Champions on our exclusive Parish Champion Facebook page! It’s a great place to get to know each other and share best practices and encouragement.

Parish Champion Role

At Dynamic Catholic, we are passionate about helping every parish in America develop a vibrant faith community. That’s why we assembled a team of Parish Champions—volunteers in parishes across the country who are re-energizing their parishes with our free programs and resources.

What is a Parish Champion?

A Parish Champion . . .

  1. Prays for their parish.

  2. Shares world-class programs with pastors and parish leaders.

  3. Gives out free books and CDs to parishioners after Mass.

  4. Finds out about new Dynamic Catholic programs and resources before they're released.

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Email: Parish-Champion@DynamicCatholic.com

Phone: (859) 980-0741