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Your Last Step to Becoming a Parish Champion

We’re excited that you’re joining our Parish Champion team! Watch the video below to meet your team leader and find out the last step to becoming a Parish Champion.

To officially join the Parish Champion team, please read the following details about your role, then click “I Agree” below.

Your Role

A Parish Champion makes a commitment to . . .

  1. Give out free books or CDs to parishioners after Mass once a month.
  2. Pray for their parish and ask others for prayer intentions.
  3. Share upcoming parish programs and resources with their pastor or parish staff each month.

On the first Monday of every month, Dynamic Catholic will share with you the Gift, which is the free book or CD you’ll give out to your parishioners. We'll also tell you about the Parish Resource, which is the program you’ll share with your pastor and parish staff.

Are You Ready to Become a Parish Champion?

If you’re ready to build a vibrant parish community and inspire your parishioners on their spiritual journeys, click “I Agree” to officially become a Parish Champion.

Looking for More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

John Griffin and Ethan Avina

Email: Parish-Champion@DynamicCatholic.com | Phone: 859-980-0741