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Experience suggests that, prior to departure, pilgrims should be able to walk five to twelve miles without discomfort. We recommend you begin walking regularly as soon as possible to build your endurance in time for the trip. Start with thirty minutes a day and gradually increase the distance at your own pace.

Please note that if you find any portion of the trip too difficult to walk, a guide can bring you to our next destination.


Appropriate packing will help you make the most of your pilgrimage experience!

Recommended Clothing

It is best to stick with light, comfortable clothing made for hiking. We do not recommend cotton.

When it comes to selecting the proper gear, three key factors come into play: insulation, warmth, and water resistance. Pilgrims should also consider bringing multiple layers as the weather will be difficult to predict in late spring.

You will need . . .

  • Five or more pairs of hiking pants made of tough, lightweight materials
  • Eight or more short-sleeve and/or long-sleeve shirts
  • Several warm shirts and/or sweaters for layering (Mornings and evenings will be cold.)
  • A lightweight jacket or coat that will keep you dry in the rain
  • A lightweight but warm hooded jacket
  • Plenty of wool and/or smart wool socks (It’s important to bring many pairs since you may need to change your socks several times per day.)
  • Light undergarments
  • A backpack (Dynamic Catholic will send you one with your travel documents.)


Make sure you have two good pairs of comfortable, flexible, weatherproof walking shoes. It’s important to walk in your shoes for a couple of weeks before the trip to break them in. Leather hiking boots are not recommended.

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks will be available on our bus for you to borrow. You will also have the option to purchase a new walking stick when you arrive. If you have your own walking stick, you can bring it on the plane with your carry-on luggage once it has been inspected to ensure it is not concealing prohibited items.

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