Rediscover Jesus (Hardcover)

Chapter One New Beginnings

God loves new beginnings.

Do you ever feel like you need a new beginning? That’s exactly how I was feeling not too long ago. I was tired and frustrated, a little disoriented spiritually, disgusted with some of the things happening in the world and in the Church, and distracted by so many situations that I could do absolutely nothing about.

I probably needed to recite the Serenity Prayer about a thousand times.

God, Grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

But I didn’t have the presence of mind to do even that.

At first I just ignored all these feelings and tried to keep busy. But ignoring things doesn’t make them go away. It took a while, but finally I realized that I needed a new beginning.

One of the things I love about our faith is that our God is a God of second chances, fresh starts, and new beginnings.

I love Mondays, because each Monday is a new beginning—a fresh start! God gives us Mondays, and New Year’s Day, and birthdays, and every single one represents a new blessing and a new beginning.

In the Bible we read these epic tales of the incredible ways that God transformed people and their lives: Moses, Noah, Jonah, Jeremiah, David, Joseph, Mary, Peter, James, Matthew, Zacchaeus, Paul, Lydia, Mary Magdalene, the woman at the well, and so many others whose names we don’t know. Why not you and me? Why not now?

God is always waiting on us. Sometimes we may think we are waiting for him, but that is never true.

What’s happening in your life right now? What’s not working in your life? What great question are you grappling with in your heart? Why did you pick up this book? Do you need a fresh start too?

Whenever I get to a place in my life where things aren’t making sense, it always seems that I need to rediscover Jesus.

Jesus is the ultimate new beginning.


Point to Ponder: It is never too late for a fresh start.

Verse to Live: “Ask and it will be given to you; search and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” MATTHEW 7:7

Question to Consider: In what area of your life is God inviting you to experience a new beginning?

Prayer: Jesus, help me to believe that a new beginning is possible.

Rediscover Jesus (Hardcover)

An Invitation

by Matthew Kelly

Get answers to life’s tough questions, and encounter Jesus—and yourself—like never before.

Also available in Spanish

Rediscover Jesus (Hardcover)

An Invitation

by Matthew Kelly

Get answers to life’s tough questions, and encounter Jesus—and yourself—like never before.

Also available in Spanish
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About Rediscover Jesus (Hardcover)

How well do you know Jesus?

I think about this often, and I always come to the same realization. I don’t know Jesus anywhere near as well as I would like to know him. The desire is there, but life gets in the way. There are times when I seem to be making great progress, and other times when I wonder if I know him at all.

But I always arrive back at the same inspiring and haunting idea: If there is one person that we should each get to know in a deeply personal way, it is Jesus – the carpenter from Nazareth, the itinerant preacher, the Son of God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the Lamb of God, the new Adam, the Messiah, the Alpha and the Omega, the Chosen One, the Light of the World, the God-Man who wants good things for us more than we want them for ourselves, the healer of our souls.

The best time to rediscover Jesus is right now. You are holding this book in your hand at this very moment for a reason. I don’t know what God has in store for you, but I am excited for you. There are some questions that we all ask ourselves in different ways: Who am I? Who is God? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least? What are my unique talents and abilities? What will my contribution be?

We discover the answers to these questions most completely by encountering Jesus. He longs to help us discover deeply personal answers to our deeply personal questions.

Product Information


Author Matthew Kelly

ISBN 978-1942611196

Publisher Beacon Publishing, Totus Tuus Press

Book Format Hardcover


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Rediscover Jesus

By Jim Bald on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

This is written for people who may consider leaving the Church. Matthew Kelly offers us powerful reasons to continue and increase our practice of the faith. The book is short and easy to read.

East read

By Louise on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Easy read. I felt closer to Jesus while reading.

Rediscover Jesus and Catholicism

By Bernadette Roeder on Monday, March 19, 2018

My favorite book is Rediscover Jesus and the second is Rediscover Catholicism. Mr. Kelly writes like his sitting at your table and talking to you. I want to get other books written by Matthew Kelly.

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