Delve into the Gospels


When I was about fifteen years old, my spiritual mentor gave me an old Bible and encouraged me to read the Gospels. I had heard stories read at church each week, but I had never read the Gospels, not even one of them, from start to finish.

It changed my life. I realized that Jesus is not just a historic figure. He is alive and with us in everything we do.

At the time, I didn’t know that the man who had given me the Bible was becoming my spiritual mentor. I thought it was just another isolated event in my life. But I will always be so grateful that he put that worn Bible in my hands and gave me a starting point.

If he had not given me that starting point, if he had not said, “Begin with the Gospels,” who knows what would have happened? I probably would have begun with Genesis—and then who knows if I would be writing this book today?

If you want to rediscover Jesus, the first step is to delve into the Gospels. They are the most comprehensive record of who Jesus was when he walked the earth, what he did, how he lived, and what he taught.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 25 of Matthew Kelly’s new bestseller Rediscover Jesus. Get your free copy here (just pay shipping).


Have you ever really read the Gospels?


Read another story from one of the Gospels, and put yourself in the story like Matthew describes in the video. (Since it is Lent, consider focusing on Jesus’ suffering and death.)


Jesus, reveal yourself to me as I begin to rediscover you through the Gospels.

Watch today’s second video, featuring a Dynamic Catholic team member. Justine Morris is one of our mission partners and comes to us from Clarkston, Michigan. Justine enjoys hiking and camping, believes that too much coffee is not possible, and can frequently be caught singing to her car radio.

Have you ever really read the Gospels?