Forty Words


I have traveled the world more than most people, and the amount of self-loathing that we seem to have for ourselves as Christians never ceases to break my heart. Our inability to love ourselves may be one of the biggest problems in the Church today. For until we learn to love ourselves as God wants us to, our ability to love others will be limited and deformed.

God wants you to be very clear that you are as important as anyone else. Any thought that you don’t matter, that others are more important than you, that your thoughts or feelings are not valid, or that people will not like you unless you please them, are not from God. These are not thoughts that come from the mind of God.

Learn to love yourself. That’s radical. Your ability to love yourself will have a direct impact on your ability to love God and to love your neighbor.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 10 of Matthew Kelly’s new bestseller Rediscover Jesus. Get your free copy here (just pay shipping).


Are you loving yourself the way God wants you to love yourself?


Think about the gifts you gave others last year. What do those gifts say about the state of your self-love?

If we give a gift with love of self in our hearts, we do it because we want to, and we don’t have any expectations. A gift given without self-love comes with expectations. When we give such a gift we want the recipient to thank us, praise us, like us, favor us. In this case, we will only feel good about giving the gift if the recipient responds in exactly the way we want him or her to. If the recipient doesn’t like the gift, we will be disappointed and our sense of self will be diminished, because we gave the gift hoping for love and acceptance in return.

So, what kind of expectations did you place on the gifts you gave, and what do you think that says about the state of your self-love?


Jesus, begin a revolution of love in my heart today. Teach me to love myself as you love me, so that I can love all those who cross my path in a way that reminds them that you changed the world.

Watch today’s second video, featuring a Dynamic Catholic team member. Jenna Greiwe is one of our Mission Team Captains and comes to us from Lima, Ohio. Jenna loves cats and goats, and she cries every time she watches The Wizard of Oz.

Are you loving yourself the way God wants you to love yourself?