Getting to Know Jesus


I think about this often, and I always come to the same realization: I don’t know Jesus anywhere near as well as I would like to know him. The desire is there, but life gets in the way. There are times when I seem to be making great progress, and other times when I wonder if I know him at all.

Think about all the people in your life. You have your immediate and extended family and your closest friends. Then there are the people you spend a lot of time with simply because your lives overlap—not necessarily by choice, but as a result of work, school, or your children’s schedules. You also have acquaintances—people you know just a little bit, whom by chance or choice you have never really gotten to know. And of course, there are people who just cross your path—strangers.

Where does Jesus fit into the spectrum of people in your life?

I don’t know Jesus anywhere near as well as I should, and my relationship with him isn’t nearly as dynamic as I would like it to be. And the thing that unsettles me is that sometimes I think I know people on the periphery of my life better than I know Jesus.

It’s time to rediscover Jesus.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 2 of Matthew Kelly’s new bestseller Rediscover Jesus. Get your free copy here (just pay shipping).


How well do you really know Jesus?


Grab some paper and write down everything you know about Jesus.


Jesus, open my heart and my mind so that I can get to know you as you really are.

Watch today’s second video, featuring a Dynamic Catholic team member. Taylor Boyd is a mission partner and comes to us from Saginaw, Michigan. Taylor loves football—she grew up as a water girl for her dad’s high school team and worked in the Notre Dame football office in college.

How well do you really know Jesus?