Spontaneous Prayer


We spoke already about a time dedicated to prayer each day. The second aspect of our daily conversation with God is the spontaneous turning to him during moments of the day to thank him; to ask him for help, guidance, encouragement; or simply to recognize him at our side.

This second type of conversation tends to spring forth from the first, more focused time set apart for prayer. There are some people who will say, “I don’t have a set time of prayer each day, but I am constantly speaking with God throughout the day.” It has been my experience that these people are deceiving themselves in a number of ways, and making little if any spiritual progress.

The daily casual conversation with God tends to be kept alive by the focused time of prayer each day. When we neglect our daily prayer time, the casual conversation becomes less frequent. If we neglect our daily time of prayer for long enough, the casual conversation throughout the day will die out almost entirely, the exception being those astounding moments in life that force us to our knees. The richness of our spontaneous conversation with God flows from having a time set aside exclusively for prayer each day.

Learn to call out to God in the moments of your day, casually, in a very human way—like a small child speaks to her father.

Our best days are those when we stay connected with God throughout the day.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 28 of Matthew Kelly’s new bestseller Rediscover Jesus. Get your free copy here (just pay shipping).


What are you most grateful for today?


Take an honest look at your prayer life today. Is focused prayer fueling spontaneous prayer? If you don’t already, schedule a specific time each day to pray.

Need help getting started? Get a pack of Prayer Process Cards so you can use it for scheduled prayer time.


Jesus, thank you for being at my side even when I forget you are there.

Watch today’s second video, featuring a Dynamic Catholic team member. James Hess is one of our mission partners and comes to us from Centerville, Ohio. James loves the outdoors, gardens in his free time, and enjoys a good scotch.

What are you most grateful for today?