The Gap


Being Christian requires proactive intentionality. It doesn’t just happen. It requires us to actively seek out God and his will in the situations of daily life, and to work each day to close the gap between the person we are and the person he created us to be. It is striving to be the-very-best-version-of-ourselves, and it animates us.

So how do we work on closing the gap? We do it by getting close to Jesus.

There are a hundred ways to rediscover Jesus, but I chose these four because I knew even the busiest person could do them. This is a path for busy people:

  1. Read the four Gospels, over and over again, for fifteen minutes each day.
  2. Practice The Prayer Process. This is a simple process designed to help you enter into a daily conversation with Jesus. (We will walk through this in Thursday’s reflection, but you can check it out here.)
  3. Deny yourself. Find a handful of small ways to deny yourself each day.
  4. Practice spontaneous prayer. Talk to Jesus about the events of your day as they are unfolding.

Our lives change when our habits change. God uses new habits to transform us. These four habits will have a beautiful and radical impact on your life if you allow them to sink their roots deep into your life.

So, begin now. This is a fresh start. Be bold. Embrace it with the enthusiasm of a child. Resist any temptation to put it off. Close the gap.

Begin it now.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 24 of Matthew Kelly’s new bestseller Rediscover Jesus. Get your free copy here (just pay shipping).


Why do you resist the happiness that God wants to fill you with?


Matthew outlined four practical ways to close the gap. Pick one. Over the next four days, we will explore each one in detail to help you get started.


Jesus, give me the courage to begin and the courage to continue.

Watch today’s second video, featuring a Dynamic Catholic team member. Elizabeth Martinez is one of our event coordinators and comes to us from College Station, Texas. Elizabeth would be completely happy eating a chicken salad sandwich every day for lunch. She cannot frown, and always loves a good dance party.

Why do you resist the happiness that God wants to fill you with?