The Jesus Question


I call it the Jesus question.

Some people go looking for it, chasing it with the joyful abandon of a child in a treasure hunt. Others spend their whole lives avoiding the question. Some people try to tiptoe quietly toward it, while others stomp up to it, lacking even an ounce of the humility and reverence required to sit thoughtfully with it.

For some people the question unexpectedly jumps out at them one day in the midst of their daily affairs. Some people discover the question through the once-in-a-lifetime friendship of someone who introduces them to the Jesus they have always known about but never really known. For others a tragedy drops the question on the doorstep of their lives.

Sometimes we fill our lives with noise and busyness to avoid the Jesus question, but when the noise finally dies down and the busyness subsides, the question is still there. It waits patiently to be pondered and answered.

Try as you might, you cannot escape him. Jesus is the inescapable friend who only ever wants your highest good. Everything that is good and desirable he wants for you even more than you want these good things for yourself. It doesn’t matter how rude you are to him; he will wait patiently, until you surrender to the wisdom required to delve deep into the Jesus question.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 4 of Matthew Kelly’s new bestseller Rediscover Jesus. Get your free copy here (just pay shipping).


Have you ever really explored the Jesus question?


Answer the Jesus question for you. Who do you say that Jesus is?


Jesus, teach me to never stop seeking you. Help me to seek you in every relationship, place, and situation.

Watch today’s second video, featuring a Dynamic Catholic team member. Mark Moore is our director of ministry and comes to us from Rising Sun, Indiana. Mark is a nature enthusiast who enjoys rural living on his 130-acre farm in Aurora, Indiana.

Have you ever really explored the Jesus question?