Starting Point Program Pack

Starting Point Program Pack


You have never seen baptismal preparation like this. Engaging, funny, entertaining, insightful and informational… this revolutionary program truly meets parents and YOU where you are!



Baptism is about initiation, not obligation. Initiation into what? God’s family and the Church. It is also an initiation into The Best Way to Live. Baptism is the first step of the great life God desires for each of us. And it is unique because infant Baptism, in many ways, is almost as much about the parents as it is the child—the parents are the ones taking the vows, after all. What a gift! Parents willingly giving their child over to God for heavenly adoption!

This is why STARTING POINT focuses on the parents.

Consisting of a Leader Guide, DVD, and A Parent’s Journal for Dreaming (one per couple), this Program Pack is everything you need for your parish Baptismal Preparation classes. It is flexible to meet your specific needs and designed from top to bottom to help parents raise amazing children and to start dreaming for their family.

Additional Dreams Journals are available FOR FREE here.