Stronger Parents Raise Great Children.
Great Children Build a Stronger Church.

Baptism: A Unique Opportunity

When parents have a baby, their world is turned upside down. They are ready to ask the BIG questions and they are open to hearing BIG answers. They are feeling what we call a “sacred stirring” … the desire to seek a-better-version-of-themselves, to live for more, and to dream!

Flexible, relevant, entertaining and comprehensive, STARTING POINT is the game-changer the Church needs.

The Secret Sauce


You’ve never seen a Baptismal Preparation program quite like this before. It is the first program designed to help parents…

baby being baptised

Understand Baptism

Baptism is more than an obligation. It’s an initiation into the best way to live. Baptism is a big neon sign that says: HAPPINESS THIS WAY!

sleeping baby

Start Dreaming

What happens when parents look into the future, see something bigger and better, and then come back to the present and make it happen? Let’s find out!

kid graduating

Raise Great Kids

This is what’s all about right? This is the game-changer. God created every mom and dad to be an amazing parent. The future of Catholicism depends on it.

Raising Great Children Begins with Baptism

Baptism is the greatest gift parents can give their child.You know that. We know that. But, sadly, most parents do not know that. God gave us this incredible sacrament to help us live amazing lives, but if parents don’t understand the beauty of Baptism—if they don’t understand their sacred role as their child’s first catechist—nothing will change. This is our opportunity. This is the start of a new future for the Catholic Church.


The Dream Journal

Broken into two parts, this little journal packs a huge punch. Not only does it get parents dreaming for their families, it also helps them understand why Baptism is not a dusty old tradition—but an initiation into the single best way to live. Imagine a Church where parents collaborate with God to raise amazing children!

Three Engaging Videos

You have probably seen your fair share of Baptism preparation videos. We are fairly confident you have not seen videos like these. Relevant, entertaining, inspiring, educational and memorable, these videos will engage new parents like never before!


The Leader Guide

The STARTING POINT leader guide is simple, straight-forward, and infinitely adaptable to fit your schedule. Your Baptism preparation facilitator will have everything he or she needs to help parents raise great children!

Parenting Preparation Inventory
with Dr. Greg Bottaro

In our research, we found many new parents haven’t spent much time talking about their own childhoods and their parenting philosophies. We wanted to fix that. Introducing the first ever Parenting Preparation Inventory. With 100 videos from Dr. Greg Bottaro (Catholic Psych Institute), spouses will each sign up, answer a series of questions, and then discuss their results together.

Watch Video to Learn More

Parenting Prep Inventory


Featuring over 100 emails (sent over the course of one calendar year after initial sign up), the STARTING POINT Email Program supplements the videos and dream journal, reminding parents all year long that God loves them and that raising a great child is the single greatest thing they can do in this life!