The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity (Hardcover)

Chapter One
Life Is a Puzzle

Once upon a time there was a very successful business owner. His company had faithfully served millions of customers for many years. But lately business had not been so good, and his competitors were just waiting for him to fail. For months the man pondered the crisis, but the problems were so complex, and solutions seemed nowhere to be found.

Everyone was wondering what would happen to this great company, so finally the businessman announced that he was hosting a dinner for all of his employees; he would unveil a plan that would save the company and return it to its former glory. He wanted to convey to them how important each person was to the future success of the organization.

The morning of the dinner, he was sitting in his study at home working on his speech, when his wife came in and asked if he would mind watching their son for a few hours while she ran some errands. He was about to say, “I really need to focus on finishing my speech,” but something caught his tongue and he found himself agreeing, if reluctantly.

His wife had only been gone about ten minutes when there was a knock on the study door, and there appeared his seven-year-old son. “Dad, I’m bored!” he exclaimed. The father spent the next couple of hours trying to amuse his son while also trying to finish his speech. Finally he realized that if he could not find some way to entertain his child, he was never going to get his speech finished in time.

Picking up a magazine, he thumbed through the pages until he came to a large, brightly colored map of the world. He ripped the picture into dozens of pieces and led his son into the living room. Then, tossing the pieces all over the floor, he announced, “Son, if you can put the map of the world back together, I will give you twenty dollars.”

The boy immediately began gathering the pieces. He was keen to earn the extra money, as he needed just twenty more dollars to buy a toy he had been saving for since his last birthday. The father returned to his study, thinking he had just bought himself a couple of hours to finish working on his speech, because he knew his seven-year-old son had no idea what a map of the world looked like.

But five minutes later, just as he was settling into his speech, there was another knock on the study door. There stood the young boy holding the completed map of the world.

The father said in amazement, “How did you finish it so quickly?”

The boy smiled and said, “You know, Dad, I had no idea what the map of the world looked like, but as I was picking up the pieces, I noticed that on the back there was a picture of a man.” The father smiled, and the boy continued. “So, I put a sheet of paper down, and I put the picture of the man together, because I knew what the man looked like. I placed another sheet of paper on top, then holding them tightly I turned them both over.” He smiled again and exclaimed, “I figured, if I got the man right, the world would be right.”

The man handed his son twenty dollars. “And you’ve given me my speech for tonight. If you get the man right, you get the world right.”

Transforming people one at a time is at the heart of God’s plan for the world. It is also essential to developing dynamic marriages, loving families, vibrant Christian communities, thriving businesses and economies, and extraordinary schools and nations. If you get the man right (or the woman, of course), you get the world right.

Every time you become a-better-version-of-yourself, the consequences of your transformation echo throughout your family, friends, business, school, neighborhood, church, marriage, nation, and beyond to people and places in the future. It is God who does the transforming, but only to the extent that we cooperate. God’s grace is constant, never lacking. So our cooperation with God’s desire to transform us is essential; it is the variable. Are you willing to let God transform you?

If you get the man or woman right, you get the world right. Such a simple message—yet we seem constantly obsessed with things we have no influence over, rather than focusing on where we can have most impact, which is with our own thoughts, words, and actions. It is our own thoughts, words, and actions that are at the epicenter of our circle of influence. The further we get away from them, worrying about what other people are thinking and saying or doing, the weaker our influence and impact becomes. Focus on affecting what you can affect and you will have the most effect. It all starts with you.

The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity (Hardcover)

by Matthew Kelly

Get practical tools to dispel the false promises the modern culture feeds you, and discover the single truth that is the key to regaining your fervor, uniting Christians, and leaving your mark on the world—and experiencing more happiness than you thought possible.

The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity (Hardcover)

by Matthew Kelly

Get practical tools to dispel the false promises the modern culture feeds you, and discover the single truth that is the key to regaining your fervor, uniting Christians, and leaving your mark on the world—and experiencing more happiness than you thought possible.
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About The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity (Hardcover)

Do you believe it’s possible to be happier than you have ever been before? Not for fleeting moments, but consistently? Bestselling author Matthew Kelly believes it is possible—and in his latest book, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, he explains how.

We all want to be happy and live life to the fullest, but the answer isn’t found in the world’s definition of happiness. Modern culture is constantly feeding us lies, and these lies affect you more than you know. The lies that affect you the most, however, are the ones you tell yourself. These lies steal your joy, sap your energy, and cause you to lose hope. They prevent you from discovering the kind of vibrant faith the first Christians experienced. But as Matthew Kelly shows, we’ve arrived at a crucial moment in history. People are disillusioned with what the world offers. The world is in desperate need of change, and no one is in a better position to effect that change than Christians. We have an incredible opportunity to dispel the lies and cut through the confusion and false promises around us.

This book provides the practical tools necessary to help you regain your fervor and leave your mark on the world—and experience more happiness than you thought possible. Together we can change the course of history—with humility, generosity, kindness, and joy, one Holy Moment at a time.

Product Information

Alternative Headline How Modern Culture Is Robbing Billions of People of Happiness


Product Type Media Books

Author Matthew Kelly

ISBN 978-1-63582-040-9

Book Format Hardcover

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
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Share your Holy Moments

By Jane on Monday, January 7, 2019

I loved it. We gave it out to parishioners for Christmas and now we are asking parishioners to share their Holy Moments. (see chapters 7 & 8) We all have holy moments. We just have to look for them and share them with others. Our pastor started out by sharing one of his Holy Moments in a homily and now we are asking parishioners to share moments which will be printed in bulletin flyers.

Timely and on target.

By Stephen on Thursday, December 27, 2018

How did you know I was sinking into despair about the future of Christianity? How did you know I was looking for a way to engage my Christian non-Catholic friends? How did you know I needed this message? Thank God the church I attended on Christmas was giving this book away. I WILL see that it comes to my church and my town. I would love to get it in the hands of all Christians in my community. Great, simple, powerful message. Matthew is a prophet in our time. God bless you all.

Matthew Kelly has done it again!

By Ann on Monday, October 29, 2018

Thank you, Matthew, for your timely, inspirational message! Once again you've taken a topic which seemed so complex and made it remarkably simple and easy to act upon. I love your books! (and your video messages - thanks!)


By Anita on Monday, September 17, 2018

This is a very powerful book, I want to give one to all my non-catholic Christian friends and relatives - I also know 3 pastors of Christian churches I think this would benefit. Thanks Matthew, keep up the writing, we need you

You CAN be holy

By Steven on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Another one of Matthew's fabulous books about how to develop individual spirituality .. and in this case, how that formation can be united with Christians everywhere to reverse the steady slide toward secularism. I've prayed daily for holiness, without an "action plan" .. in this work, Matthew provides a broad range of actions we can all undertake to grow into holiness .. it is our Christian right and we need not be cowed by secularism. I love the idea of starting with "One Holy Moment" .. and growing that experience in frequency as we pursue holiness with "passion & purpose". May God continue to bless Matthew & Dynamic Catholic.

Holy Moments, brilliant simplicity

By Barb on Thursday, July 5, 2018

As an Ambassador, my husband and I received the early copy of The Biggest Lie... I devoured it on a flight. I believe it arrived at a timely moment in the future planning that will be taking place at our parish, where I work. Equally providential, was the fact that I had almost completed the article I was writing right along this same path of thought. The book gave me the opportunity to quote Matthew Kelly several times in making my point, and to lead people in the direction of Dynamic Catholic and the book.
In its simplicity, we have the timeless message we all know but need to be constantly reminded about. Matthew is a master at that!
Thank you again, and thank you also for the extra advance copies which has allowed my Pastor and his associates the reading opportunity, affording us the muse in our future planning.

Wonderful message for all Christians

By Joan on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I really enjoyed this book. It was easy reading yet powerful in its message. We truly can change the world if we just live out our faith.

Holy Moment!

By Monica on Friday, June 29, 2018

My sister is an Ambassador and lent me her advance copy of the book to read. I immediately started thinking about who else would be as excited as I am after finishing. Which led me to this review. This book needs to be in every Christian Catholic’s hands. The concepts are simple, and the logic compelling. The spiritual multiplication demonstration pushed me right to the brink of hope!
I need my own copy so I can study it in depth!!

Onward Christian Soldiers!

By Bridget on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Christians have done it before, and we can change the world again. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance to do so, Matthew! Believe, hope and act! I've already begun to read it to my children, 12, 9 and 7 years old and they are ready to go!

Game changer

By Spencer on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

To use a often used term of Matthew's, this book truly is a game changer. I am going to buy it for both of my men's prayer groups to share, study, and discuss. This book communicates a beautiful truth of our faith and will empower you to leave a amazing life. Read and learn!

~Peace & Joy~

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