week 1: one person at a time

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but, life is messy. People get sick. People lose their jobs. People have money problems. People have addictions. People have trouble in their marriage. People have children that they have go off the path, go back on the path, go off the path again. We get sick. Life’s messy. And one of the things that God does . . . he comes into the middle of the mess and is passionate about transforming us one at a time.

The book “The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity” sounds like it’s a book about lies. But the reality is, it’s a book about truth—and truth is beautiful. Life is messy, but at the heart of God’s plan for humanity, and at the heart of God’s plan for the world, is transforming people—you and I—one at a time.

And that’s what the book’s about. It’s a book about God’s dream for you, God’s dream for me, God’s dream for humanity, and God’s dream for Christianity—and the role of Christianity in the world.

Life is messy. But God wants to come into the middle of our mess and transform us––because he has an amazing dream for each one of us.

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Join Matthew next week as he discusses another key theme from the book.

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