week 11: Who's Intrigued by Your Life?

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One of the things that fascinates me about the first Christians is that they lived intriguing lives. People were intrigued by the way they lived. People were intrigued by the way they loved. People were intrigued by their courage. People were intrigued by the way they cared for people—their care, their concern, their interest in other people, in a culture that was very self-interested, very self-centered; in a culture that was sort of every man and every woman for himself or herself.

The first Christians looked out into the world. They looked away from themselves and towards other people—and people were fascinated with that. It was truly intriguing to the people of their time.

Interestingly, we live in a world today, we live in a culture today, we live in a society today that's becoming more and more like the first century . . . where it's like every man for himself, every woman for herself. This great selfishness, this great self-centeredness, seems to have fallen upon our hearts and upon our world. And when we look out for other people, when we turn away from ourselves, look outward, see what other people's needs are, help them in their needs—people are fascinated. They're taken off guard. They're surprised. They’re intrigued.

As Christians, we are called to live intriguing lives. Who's intrigued by your life?

It's time to get beyond our culture's self-centeredness, look outside ourselves, and serve others. People will be surprised and intrigued by our lives when we move past what the culture tells us and begin to help others in their need.

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