The Hope Prayer (Hardcover)

Chapter One
The Light of Day

I have never woken to the same sky. Each morning has a new horizon. Each sky appears as never before. One day, the canvas is a swirling mass of blue-grey cloud and the next, I am visited by a canopy of white cumulus clouds with shafts of pale yellow beams highlighting the foothills, as seen from my window on an early spring morning.

The Divine Artist wants to set each new day against a background of His choosing, so that I can experience His infinite creativity and beauty. In ancient Celtic times, there was a great reverence for the awakening of another day. Putting on one’s clothes was akin to robing oneself in the dignity of the new day, clothing the soul in grace. The light of each new day was an invitation to immerse oneself in fresh possibilities, where change and challenge walked hand in hand. Such people believed they were never alone. Every action was ritualised, in the belief that God the Divine Creator watched over every moment with deep love and respect for the human condition. Each day becomes a time and place of new possibilities, a threshold of transformation.

We never know what will unfold before us. Change can be slow, and sometimes frightening. To go where we have never been before demands courage and conviction. There is a whole world waiting to be discovered, but perhaps we have become so dimmed by the limitations of modern living that we need to rediscover the consciousness of God in our own time, in our own lives. We have re-fashioned the world in our own images, hence our world is filled with greed, hate and unhappiness. If we could reassess our position and become ‘God conscious’, then we might begin to realise that this life is the gift of God to us. To believe this brings a new awareness, and subsequently a new freedom. As soon as I embrace the concept of God, He is joined to me: to my heart, to my soul. All things become providential and life is imbued with meaning. It is hard to surrender everything at once, but God is a patient God and will wait a lifetime for our response.

To be ‘God conscious’ is to see with the eyes of God, to think with the mind of God, to speak with the voice of God and to love with the heart of God. Then, you begin to experience the world through the heart of the Creator. Every waking day holds many grace-filled opportunities. The grey-black sky can in time turn to azure blue, but all in God’s time. When I allow God to become part of my life, His giving is endless. The God of surprises is forever engaging. When God visits our lives, we kiss the dark adieu, and we gently encounter the light of day.

Prayer for Hope


When a darkened sky surrounds me
And sets upon my life
And the greying mist still lingers
And haunts the coming night
Let me find hope

When the cry of hurts and sorrows
Still echo in my heart
And I cannot face the evening
And tomorrow is too far
Let me find hope

Let me find hope
In different form and guise
In the warm embrace of lovers
In a sign from listening eyes
In the silence of a stranger who utters not a word
But comes to walk beside me
And heart to heart reverbs

Let me find hope
In the trusting of a child
In the silent pride of parents
Or the rest of those retired
In hands that lift the weary
In fingers bent in prayer
Signs of resurrection
Devoid of all despair

Let me find hope
In the smallest simple ways
In the changing of the seasons
In the birthing in the clay
In dew that cleanses morning
In dusk that calms the day

Let me find hope
When children sleep contented
Far from fear and dread
And peace is no illusion
But spins a silver thread
Where You are waiting
Not far from Heaven’s edge

Let me find hope
Before my soul departs
Faith, hope and love –
Your gift
To every hopeful heart.

The Hope Prayer (Hardcover)

by Liam Lawton

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Written by an award-winning Irish singer-songwriter, this book of soul-stirring prayers and lyrics will comfort the lonely and restless heart, flooding your life with hope.

The Hope Prayer (Hardcover)

by Liam Lawton

Be the first to add a review!

Written by an award-winning Irish singer-songwriter, this book of soul-stirring prayers and lyrics will comfort the lonely and restless heart, flooding your life with hope.
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About The Hope Prayer (Hardcover)

Liam Lawton is widely known for his spiritual and inspirational music, which has touched the lives of thousands of people across the world. In The Hope Prayer, he has created a beautiful book of over forty new prayers—each one expressed in his distinctive and illuminating voice. Including selected song lyrics, this book will take the reader on a comforting journey of the soul, across all kinds of terrain.

Here are prayers of friendship, love, death, healing, illness, calm, inspiration, marriage, Christmas, providence, remembering, working, celebrating life—all brought together through the theme of hope.

The Hope Prayer is a book to be treasured, offering strength, sustenance, and wisdom for today’s challenging world.

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