The One Thing (Paperback)

Last night my son woke in the middle of the night crying. His name is Walter Patrick, and he is our first child. Now just ten months old, he has brought more joy to my life than I ever thought I would experience, and I have discovered that I am capable of a love that amazes me almost on a daily basis.

I went to his room and, taking him from his crib, placed him on my shoulder. He was immediately soothed. A minute later I could have put him back in his crib and no doubt he would have slept peacefully for the rest of the night. But I cherish these moments with him. I like to hold him as he sleeps on my shoulder, nuzzling his face into my neck, and I think about the life he will lead.

I wonder what life will hold for him—what his interests will be, what he will do professionally, what the great challenges and passions of his life will be, and mostly, how he will develop into the man he was born to become. These thoughts always lead me to prayer. Sometimes I pray the ancient prayers of Christianity, and sometimes I just spontaneously call out to God, asking him to bless my son and watch over him. Often my eyes fill with tears. They are tears of a very happy man who finds himself contented in a quite unexpected way, and before long I find myself immersed in a sea of gratitude.

The One Thing (Paperback)

by Matthew Kelly

In this personal story, you’ll discover the one thing Matthew Kelly wants to teach his kids about the genius of Catholicism and how to pass it on to your children.

The One Thing (Paperback)

by Matthew Kelly

In this personal story, you’ll discover the one thing Matthew Kelly wants to teach his kids about the genius of Catholicism and how to pass it on to your children.
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About The One Thing (Paperback)

In this deeply personal bestseller, Matthew Kelly reflects on the challenges of passing faith onto children. Written just ten-months after the birth of his first child, he writes about his own faith, why religion has played such a powerful role throughout history, why so many people are leaving the Catholic Church today, and the hopes he has for his son when it comes to the spiritual life. Kelly writes, “Religion is the primary humanizing force in a person, in a society, in history. In my own experience this is particularly true of the Catholic form of Christianity. Catholicism makes me a-better-version-of-myself. It makes me more human.” But ultimately his reflection centers on a single question, “If I could teach my son one thing that would ensure his appreciation of Catholicism, what would it be?” As always Kelly’s ideas are engaging and challenging, but writing for the first time as a father it is clear that he is growing in new and fascinating ways.

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Alternative Headline Passing Faith on to Children


Product Type Media Books

Author Matthew Kelly

Publisher Beacon Publishing

Book Format Paperback

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5 Stars

By Sandy Cannon on Friday, November 3, 2017

I stood at the kitchen island this morning before Mass and read the entire book! It is sooooooo good , I could not put it down. I am ordering it for everyone in our Altar Society! Amazing. I hear stories from my friends regarding their children. They raised them catholic, yet they do not go to church, they do not practice their faith, and now they are not raising their children Catholic. I pray for the conversion each and everyday. I just recently experienced a miracle with one coming back to the faith! Matthew Kelly is such a dynamic speaker and I have had the privilege of hearing him in person. I suggest you turn to any of Matthew Kelly's books. This is one book in particular if you have a need to bring your children back into the faith. Its an easy read and very powerful!

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