The Turning Point Participant Pack

This isn’t your typical Bible study. It's an experience that will introduce you to eight miraculous encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of John that will help you encounter Jesus in a new and personal way.

The Turning Point Participant Pack

This isn’t your typical Bible study. It's an experience that will introduce you to eight miraculous encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of John that will help you encounter Jesus in a new and personal way.
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About The Turning Point Participant Pack

The Turning Point is a nine-session Bible study experience that’s perfect for people who want to get to know Jesus in the Scriptures but don’t know where to start.

This study will introduce you to people and stories in the Gospel of John that you won’t find anywhere else in the Bible: the woman at the well; a man named Nicodemus; the woman caught in adultery; and Lazarus, the friend Jesus raised from the dead. You’ll read stories about Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana, Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, and Peter’s marvelous redemption after he denies Jesus three times.

The people in these stories were transformed by their encounters with Jesus. By entering into their miraculous stories, you will encounter Jesus in a personal way and develop a deeper relationship with him that will transform your everyday life.

The Turning Point Workbook

This is so much more than a workbook. It is a door to a dynamic relationship with Jesus. With thought-provoking reflection questions, follow-along video responses, key Bible verses, and more, this book will invite you to deepen your faith and grow alongside the people Jesus meets in the Gospel of John.

The Turning Point DVD Set

You won't be dozing off during these engaging videos. Each of the nine sessions is broken up into 3–4 short sections guided by Dr. Allen Hunt, helping you experience the stories in the Gospel of John from a fresh perspective.

The Gospel According to John

Created exclusively for The Turning Point, this edition of the Gospel of John reads like an engaging novel. It does away with the two-column format and distracting notes in the margins, making it easy for you to encounter Jesus through John the apostle’s unique perspective as one of Jesus’ closest friends.

The #1 Reason I Love Being Catholic (CD)

In this 50-minute talk, Dr. Allen Hunt, author of The Turning Point and a former Evangelical pastor, shares how he discovered the hidden treasures of the Catholic Church and converted to Catholicism.

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Turning Point - Gospel of John

By John on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I am the chair of our Parish Pastoral Council and I led the planning committee that brought Dr. Allen Hunt and Finding Your Greatness to our church in March 2018. We have given our parishioners Dynamic Catholic books as gifts the last two or three Christmases and at Easter, and our religious education department is using the Dynamic Catholic confirmation and first reconciliation and first communion programs. I and six of my closest Catholic brothers have begun the Turning Point Bible study of the Gospel of John. The study is about encounters with Jesus. I can tell you, beyond any doubt, that doing this study will help you personally encounter Jesus. The videos are first class; the work book/study guide asks some pretty deep and thought-provoking questions; and, the reading of the Gospel in its entirety, three chapters at a time, keeps you in the Word daily. Dr. Hunt is God's blessing to us all as Catholics. His knowledge of scripture and Catholic and Christian history is unparalleled and he shares all of it in a deeply personal and emotional way. We are already hoping that Dr. Hunt creates more Bible studies like this one. I recommend this Bible study to anyone who hopes to encounter Jesus in a very personal way.

Wow, this is the best study of John ever!

By Janet on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

From the beginning overview and introduction of the Gospel Of John, this study caused me to rethink and look deeper into my relationship with Jesus and what I really believe and practice. I watched the first 2 DVD's in one sitting and finished the other today. I met with my CRHP sister's this evening and we are going to do this together. I am ordering all our sets right now. This by far was the best Bible study I have ever done and I used to facilitate many Bible studies. Dr. Allen Hunt tells engaging stories and makes it personal. I had several "ah ha" moments going through the study questions and especially the going deeper sections were quite thought provoking. Just loved it!!!

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