Walking with Purpose (Paperback)


If you picked up this book hoping to learn how to walk with purpose from someone who has completely figured out life, I might disappoint you a little. If you want to listen to someone whose decisions are always wise and well thought out, then my decision to add a fifty-pound puppy to our already busy family mix might rule me out as a candidate. Let me digress for a moment and just say that a fifty-pound puppy is a very large animal. When you already have seven children and all the paraphernalia that accompanies them, a wise choice would be a smaller creature. Before you judge me, may I say that I actually meant to buy a much smaller dog. And I thought I had. But when I went for my first vet visit, I was told that we had a very large puppy. “Oh, no,” I assured her. “She’s not going to be large. She’s only going to come up to my knee. That’s why I picked this breed.” The vet looked at me quizzically, and asked if I had seen the parents and grandparents of our puppy. I had not, but I pointed out that her ancestors were standard poodles, therefore small. She quickly corrected me by showing me a photo of a standard poodle, which is actually quite large. But by this point, Bailey the puppy was a member of the family, and I could hardly cause my children untold trauma by returning her to the breeder.

One would think that this would have taught me the very important lesson of tending to details—every detail, or you never know what might happen. But then a storm hit our city, and we lost electricity for more than a week. This meant that we didn’t have water—we couldn’t flush toilets, take a shower, or otherwise enjoy life. In the midst of this, Bailey got an ear infection, and her ears needed to be diligently treated with ointment twice a day and then dutifully massaged. And in my defense, this is what I did. And I was very proud of myself, since I find it hard to remember to keep giving my children their antibiotics all the way to the very end of the dose. But the devil is in the details, and after five days of commenting that she seemed to be getting worse, not better, and seeing her continually shaking her head like a maniac, I realized that I had been using superglue instead of antibiotic ointment. Bailey survived the ordeal, but whenever she won’t come when we call her, the kids just look at me with raised eyebrows.

I struggle with getting my act together, just like you do. We all experience some days that are like the sweet spot on the tennis racket. We wake up in a good mood after a full night’s sleep, everyone in the family eats well, we cross off everything on our to-do lists, and no major crisis occurs. But more often than not, life doesn’t go that smoothly.

There are a lot of days when we don’t get enough sleep. We eat what’s left on our children’s plates. We overschedule ourselves, then rush around and arrive late. Kids have dirty diapers just when we need to walk out the door. Money is tight. Loved ones get cancer. Spouses are unfaithful. All these circumstances can tempt us to say, “I’ll start exploring how God wants me to be living the day things slow down and are a little more under control.”

I want to encourage you not to wait for that day. Instead, I’d like you to see today as the perfect time to begin walking with purpose. Why? Because what you are experiencing is real life. We may occasionally have times when things are perfectly under control, but we need to learn how to walk with purpose regardless of our circumstances. Each season of life carries with it chaos and troubles. If a calm schedule is the prerequisite for purposeful, peaceful living, we will never achieve it. Whether you find yourself in a period of calm or chaos, why not join me as, together, we begin to walk with purpose?

Walking with Purpose (Paperback)

by Lisa Brenninkmeyer

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Walking with Purpose (Paperback)

by Lisa Brenninkmeyer

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About Walking with Purpose (Paperback)

Does your life feel out of control? 
Do you feel that you are doing so many things that you are doing none of them well?

Lisa Brenninkmeyer understands how it feels when life is stuck on the spin cycle. As a mother of seven, she knows we don’t just need to be told what kind of women we should be. We need some help getting there. Drawing from her own experience of balancing marriage, motherhood, and work inside and outside the home, Lisa helps you uncover the key to living a busy life with inner calm. What’s the secret? Identifying key priorities, and doing first what matters most.

With humor and wisdom, Lisa will help you:

  • Stop striving and rest in God’s unconditional love.
Experience new hope in your marriage.

  • Reach your child’s heart.
  • Create clarity in a cluttered home.

  • Find friendships that go below the surface and satisfy.

  • Discover your passion and purpose.

Once in a while, things may seem as if they’re under control, but we want to walk with purpose regardless of our circumstances. God wants us to daily experience the joy and contentment that comes from knowing we have given our all to what he considers most important. The abundant and purposeful life we were created to live is just around the corner.

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Alternative Headline Seven Priorities that Make Life Work


Product Type Media Books

Author Lisa Brenninkmeyer

ISBN 978-1937509446

Publisher Beacon Publishing

Number of Pages 192

Book Format Paperback

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