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April Coaching

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By May 1, you need to identify, invite, and finalize the three men and three women who will be a part of your Seed Teams. As a reminder, you may be one of those people. If you know their names and emails, please select "Yes, I do," in question 4 below. A form will appear where you can enter their information. You can also email their names and emails to welcome@DynamicCatholic.com. This way we can include them when we send the next coaching video on May 8.

Once these men and women have been selected, please work to schedule a meeting with the Seed Teams between May 9 and June 12, so you can discuss the May coaching video as a group.


Lord, thank you for this opportunity to renew our parish. Please help me to identify the right men and women of our parish to play an integral role in Welcome. Please give me the courage to ask, and give them the courage to respond to the call.

Christ Renews His Parish
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Help us make our future emails and videos as effective as possible.
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