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Thank you for your continued hard work. This month you will prepare for your first meeting as a team—The Evening of Discipleship. During this evening, the Giving Team and the Seed Team commit to going through Formation and hosting the first Welcome Weekend. (As a reminder, men and women always meet separately.)


Schedule your Evening of Discipleship for early to mid-August if you haven’t already.

By June 30 you need to identify, invite, and finalize 15 men and 15 women to be a part of your Giving Teams. You can submit their names and email addresses to Dynamic Catholic by filling out the form below, or by emailing welcome@DynamicCatholic.com.


Loving Father, help us invite you into all of our conversations, meetings, and interactions this month. Be with us as we finalize our Giving Teams and prepare to bring Welcome to our parish.

Christ Renews His Parish
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Please send their names and email addresses to welcome@DynamicCatholic.com by June 30.
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