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Thank you for answering the call to bring about renewal in your parish through Welcome. Now it’s time to assemble your Giving Teams, a group of men and a group of women who will lead the first renewal weekends. Energetic and faith-filled Giving Teams are absolutely necessary to have dynamic, Spirit-filled renewal weekends.


If you have not yet watched the first coaching video from last month, please take a minute to go back and watch it.

By June 30 you need to identify, invite, and finalize 15 men and 15 women to be a part of your Giving Teams. These roles are described in detail in the Leader Guide. You can submit their names and email addresses to us by filling out the form that will be at the bottom of the June coaching email, or by sending their names and email addresses directly to welcome@DynamicCatholic.com.

Talk with your Seed Team about how you will invite people to join the Giving Teams. Appoint someone from the group to communicate with your pastor to see if he has suggestions and to make sure he is comfortable with how you move forward.


Lord, thank you for this opportunity to renew our parish. Please help our Seed Team identify the right men and women for our Giving Teams. Please give us the courage to ask, and give them the courage to respond to the call.

Christ Renews His Parish
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